Friday, October 26, 2018

Gripping Facts and Essential Information About Motor Insurance

Basically, motor insurance or vehicle insurance is the insurance which protects the owner from the theft and damage to the vehicle. It is available for two wheelers and four wheelers both. There are some essential facts that one should know about them. Read them below and make yourself updated.
What is all included in this insurance?
It is very important to know what this policy include and what all it covers. The main covers are given in the points below:
  • The damaged which happens due to accident, malicious acts, storms, floods etc to your vehicle.
  • Theft of your new vehicle.
  • The accident cover is also available but only for owner-driver in the motor insurance.
  • What do these motor insurance not cover?
  • The mechanical or electrical breakdowns.
  • Damaged caused by a person in the condition of intoxication.
  • If there is an accident or damaged to the vehicle by a person who is driving without a proper driving license, then no cover is provided to the owners in such a situation
  • If the damaged to the vehicle is caused outside India.

How To Buy Motor Insurance For A New Car?
The first thing to know here is that one does not have to necessarily buy the insurance from the showroom representatives. There are other places available from where one can buy this insurance. The best option at the present time to do it to buy the insurance fro online. This is because one can cut a lot of premium cost from this. Moreover, there are insurances which are available for second-hand cars as well. So, you can secure your pre-owned and second-hand cars as well under the insurance.

What Add-Ons Are Available?
Many people ask for ways to increase their motor insurance. Yes, it is possible to do so. These can be done by add-ons which in turn increase the financial coverage on your vehicle. Two popular add-ons that you can opt for are briefed below:
Engine and Gear Box Protection: In case any loss happens in your engine or gearbox, the add-ons will cover the cost which will be associated with repair and replacement. The engine is one of the most important parts of any vehicle and this is why this cover is highly recommended and preferred.
Zero Depreciation: When a claim of motor insurance is made on vehicles, the zero depreciation is calculated. Then according to the depreciation value, the cost is paid. Usually, the full amount is paid under he zero depreciation add-on. This simply means whatever is the repair cost, it is covered under the motor insurance totally.

Car Insurance Calculators
These calculators are available on the insurer's website and you can access them easily from there to calculate about your own motor insurance. What is no claim bonus, what you can get as an advantage money etc is information which you can get from these calculators? If you have any additions in your insurance claims, all these record keeping is stored in these calculators.
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