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Reasons Why It is Important to Have Travel Insurance Post COVID-19

As per data from Aislelabs , as of May 4, 2020, airports worldwide witnessed an 80% decline in international flights. Among all the continents, Asian airports are the first to get affected by COVID-19. It is quite evident from the data that flight cancellations are not surprising anymore under present circumstances due to the impact of Covid-19.    It is important to opt for a travel insurance plan to ensure your travel from flight delays and cancellations. Apart from this, a travel insurance cover has lots of benefits.  But why do you need travel insurance? Here are the top 5 reasons.  Also read: Know Why Singapore Should Be the Next Travel Destination for Your Family 5 Key Reasons to Have Travel Insurance Post-COVID-19   1. To Fight Risks Against COVID-19 Infection Although we see a decline in the count of infections, this virus might continue to stay with us in the near future. There will always be the risk of flight delays and cancellations and also to catch the deadly virus. Duri