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Best Places to Celebrate New Year's 2020 Eve in Paris

New Year's Eve is one of the most important events in Paris, especially among the young generations. The city of Paris comes alive with beautiful New Year's Eve Fireworks and wonderful parties. The city of romance will be decorated like a bride on December 31st.

From romantic cruise ships to beautiful fireworks, Paris enjoys this moment with loads of joy and happiness. In Paris, many best places offers grand parties and events. Your favorite bars, restaurants and pubs will be fully packed on December 31 to welcome the New Year. So, let’s see best places to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Paris.

1. Eiffel Tower Restaurant

It is one of the most amazing places to celebrate New Year's Eve in Paris. This restaurant offers delicious diner and beautiful view of the city from the 2nd floor of the tower.

Actually, two restaurants are located in the tower, 1 Le Jules Verne and 2 Champagne Bar. Due to the popularity of New Year’s Eve, you should reserve your table well in advance.

2. The Champs-Elysées

Are you excited about New Year's Eve fireworks in Paris? Please head toward the historical Champs-Elysées to see the beautiful fireworks at midnight. A large crowd will be gathered here to witness the eye-catching fireworks.

3. Paris NYE Cruise by Bateaux Parisiens

To have a lifelong memory, do not forget to try this amazing NYE cruise, offered by Bateaux Parisiens. This is a VIP romantic cruise, explored and experienced by native people too! They offer a good service of picking up you from the hotel to the cruise. A usual price for this cruise ship trip is EUR 395.

4. VIP Cruise for NYE by Orsay Cruise

It is one of the most popular riverboats in Paris. This will be fully packed by December 31. This amazing river cruise offer DJ, delicious meal, champagne, and best view of the city. This cruise ship usually cost you from EUR 299 and boarding starts at 8.30pm. A scheduled departure time is 9pm. So, you have to arrive early to take your spot. For detailed places to celebrate in Paris, find info here.


5. Participate in the Sacré-Cœur street party

The street party in the Sacré-Cœur is one of the best attractions in Paris. If you are looking for peaceful celebration, here is the good place. There are no official New Year’s Eve fireworks on the hill. However, you can watch beautiful fireworks which are set off from other areas of the city. Do not forget to enjoy New Year’s Eve parties and events in surrounding bars, pubs, and hotels.

If you are looking for hotels guide visit here.

6. Moulin Rouge cabaret - Best Place for Celebration

Moulin Rouge cabaret is one of the best places to celebrate New Year's Eve in Paris. This cabaret has a global recognition. They offer distinctive celebration with grand style. In past many decades, the cabaret gets fully booked each year. They bring International artists, and traditional sets on the stage make you feel one of the best celebrations. For more information, call on +33153098282 to get your seat reserved.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Benefits of a Health Insurance Plan that Covers You Overseas

Travelling overseas is like discovering a whole new world without losing sight of the shore. Such is the essence of travelling which keeps your heart floating on the top bringing the best experience of life. A traveller ensures every little thing as he plans to travel overseas and travel insurance that covers him overseas is a necessity in the list. This insurance plan with international medical cover has so much in the bucket to offer.

A range of overseas health insurance plans are available with a host of value-added services that one can look up to while moving from one place to another. These well-thought plans offer a wide range of benefits and comprehensive coverage shedding all your worry. Let’s see how overseas health insurance company plan saves your pocket from unnecessary holes!

Benefits of Overseas Health Insurance Plans:

Cashless Hospitalisation Worldwide: It includes cashless settlement to hospitals in the situation of emergency hospitalisation or treatment during the travel. Including both in-patient care and out-patient treatment, it confirms the coverage of the insured. Only that, the person needs to inform the Assistance company at the earliest to avail the maximum benefits. The plan includes dental, optical and other health assessments.

Easy Access to Second Medical Opinion: To ensure that you are comfortable with the treatment, overseas health insurance plan ensures that you have an easy reach to doctors and get a second opinion seamlessly.

Accidental Death: Expenses arising due to an unfortunate happening such as accident that results in death are covered in the plan. In case of death, the nominee can claim the amount by submitting the form and related necessary documents.

Permanent Total Disability: Nominee can claim the insurance amount in case of permanent total disability due to a deadly accident. Nominee can produce disability certificate, claim form and other documents to claim the amount.

In addition to the above inclusions, the international travel insurance plan includes dental expenses, two-way compassionate visit, passport loss, up-gradation to business class, treatment in the home country, and various others.

So let’s get packing for an exciting journey with the safety belt of Max Bupa International Health Insurance Plan.

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Places to Visit and Things to do in Coorg

Coorg is one of popular hill stations in South India. It is also called as Madekeri located in Karnataka, popularly known as Scotland of India. The beautiful paddy fields, scenic view places, coffee plantations and adventurous activities together make this place beautiful in Karnataka state.

How to reach Coorg

135 km from Mangalore which is nearest Airport and 95 km from Mysore junction, nearest Railway station.

Best season to visit Coorg

Even though it's a hill station, Coorg is best after monsoon season, October - February. then we can see coffee beans too.

Best Stay

There are many hotels and lodges but home stays in coffee plantations or staying in coffee estates is awesome experience. There are many things, we must not miss lot of greenery to relax and trek, best views of Brahmagiri and Pushpagiri hills, waterfalls to wet you, temples to get spiritually inspire, fort to explore, Dubare elephant camp to experience a live bathing program for big elephants, the golden temple to get peace of mind.

Here is the list of top 5 things to do in Coorg
  • Trekking to Pushpagiri hills and Mandal patti view point jeep safari
  • Abbey falls
  • Talakaveri, Bhagamandala and Triveni sangam
  • Dubare elephant camp
  • Golden temple in Bylakupe

1. Mandalpatti view point jeep safari and trek to Pushpagiri hills

In coorg town there is a Mandalpatti view Jeep safari point, from there one can go view point and trek. Around 20 km journey in 45 minutes is worth while passing through mist and clouds. Early morning view before sunset is really like dreamland 1600 m above sea level. Mandalpatti in local language means a Cloud Market. Mandalpatti is beautiful hill peak view with combination of green grass landscapes and valleys. Watching Breathtaking mist cloud view is amazing experience that tourist must not miss. Pushpagiri wild life sanctuary adds a special importance to this place. In return visit picturesque Kote Abbey falls.

Best season to visit : October and November months for misty clouds over hills.

2. Abbey falls

This beautiful water falls plunges down from 70 feet high hill area. Abbey falls is mesmerising beautiful tourist spot in Coorg. It is surrounded with lush green coffee plantations. In monsoon the water flow is really high, that looks like a milk flow. One should trek down around 250 steps to enjoy charming waterfall view.

Post monsoon season October - February is the best time to visit this waterfall.

3. Talakaveri, Bhagamandala and Triveni sangam

It's located 48 Km from Madekeri. At foot hills of Brahmagiri hills Talakaveri is scenic and spiritual place to visit. It is birth place of river Kaveri at 1300 m height above sea level. After climbing few steps, there is square temple tank that is constructed by Kodavas. Devotees take a dip here, before this holy tank there is Kaveri Amman idol. This water flows underground and comes as kaveri river after some distance.

Above this tank there are lord Shiva and Ganesh temples This is really peaceful place with surrounded by nature all around. There is Brahmagiri view point. The endless western ghats with green shades gives spectacular view.

4. Dubare Elephant Camp

It is Another interesting place in Kushalanagar, 17 km from Coorg. This is Karnataka forest camp where over 150 elephants are present. This is must experience for elephant lover in you. After crossing river kaveri one can reach this place. There is elephant bathing program where you can make big elephants to bath on the bank of river Kaveri. Kids really love this place. Going near to these animals and making them to bath is memorable experience.

5. Golden Temple Coorg

Namdroling monastery is located in Bylakuppe which is beautiful Buddhist temple. Inside monastery there are three 46 feet height golden idols named Guru Padmasambhava, Buddha Sakyamuni and Amitayus. After Dharmashala this is second largest Tibetan settlement in India. This place attracts many tourists every year. During religious rituals we can watch many number of Buddhist monks in prayer hall, which is really excited site. Interacting with monks and watching their life style really gives spiritual inspiration to us. You can pray for a while for inner piece.

Finally don't forget to shop few special things from Coorg.

Coorg Shopping
Coorg is famous for best coffee beans, homemade Chocolates and wine, Organic Spices and dry fruits. Don't forget to shop at Kushalanagar flea market.

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Courier Pickup From Home Made Extra Easy & Fast by Dunzo App

The delicacy of life is food. Be it our busy days or stressful day, we always admire a warm meal which gives us a feeling of being at home, among our loved ones. We love those tasty 'Dabbas' filled with honesty, hard work, and love. Apart from that, however, when talking about lunch desi-style packages, how can we not speak about the "Dunzo App".

About Dunzo App

It is an app which helps you deliver stuffs like food, grocery, etc. It is a boon to many kitchen entrepreneurs, as it also offers courier pickup from home service. Its services are available in Bangalore, Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon, Pune, Chennai and Hyderabad. Though the app is trying to reach to other cities as well and providing them with their courier pickup from home services, the service is available 24*7. They also offer friendly customer support to sort all your issues.

Moreover, the courier picks up from home service by Dunzo app almost helps you pick up everything from a lost phone charger to your lunch 'Dabba' to the last minute gifts or plans you wish for someone. Also, not only this, but it also helps you with picking up your any extras if you need.

When it comes to food delivery, it is pretty fast, accurate and good. Apart from the fast courier service, be it a long chain restaurant or from any auntie kitchen, the Dunzo app tackles everything in place. Moreover, they offer you hassle-free deliveries with various online digital payment options including net banking, online payment gateway through credit or debit card, mobile wallets like Simpl & Paytm, are also as an option.

Why choose Dunzo app above others?

Well, one must opt for the Dunzo app for its courier pickup from home service along with other below-mentioned qualities, which are fabulous:

  • No minimum pricing of an order is set. You can order the desired quantity or even the lowest priced dish or item.

  • They only take 60 minutes to deliver your products to you safe and sound. They deliver you anywhere & at any time due to their working 24*7.

  • If you are new to the app, feel happy as you will get free delivery for a limited time as a gesture of gratitude from them.

How does ‘Dunzo’ app’s courier pickup from home services work?

Be it your forgotten luggage or it's about the Dabba made with love and care, Dunzo on one tap handles everything.

  • Enter the details of the things you need to pick up along with the location where you want it delivered.
  • Pick your item from the numerous categories offered to you. This makes the app work symmetrically and in a disciplinary manner.
  • Now you can just wait and track your order by the Live Tracking feature laid by Dunzo' app.

The Dunzo app is best for the homemakers to sell their products on budget rates. Moreover, personally, it is the best app for all the home running businesses as per termed reviews. Show your love to the app as it will not only help you establish your business but would also handle your uniqueness with care and love.

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How to Monetise Your Blog and Make Money Online

Couple of years back, blogging was considered as not more than a journal. People only shared their blogs with those, whom they wanted it read. But now, the whole concept of blogging has changed. Blogging is no longer a selfless quest. Bloggers want their words to be seen, read and shared. They want to gain the attention of the masses and boost their authority in their particular niche. When I started blogging, I didn’t know anything other than writing, but over a period of time, I realised that there is much more to it. To bring the authority, you need to promote it much more than writing (it almost goes with 80:20 rule, where 80% is marketing and only 20% is writing)
However, clearly it isn't quite that simple. Not only is it difficult to drive traffic to a blog, but it's also tricky to monetize the traffic that you do receive.
To understand how to have a blog that makes money, you need to incorporate different strategies for monetization that work best. Here are some of the strategies that I follow to make the best out of it:

1. Affiliate marketing

Many bloggers rule out affiliate marketing. Perhaps, they think it’s too difficult, and they will turn followers away, or that their followers just won’t be interested. But let me tell you, if you’re not earning money through affiliate marketing, you are simply leaving money on the table.
Although the basic concept is quite (you place the link to other people’s products and services and every time someone buys that product of service, you earn a commission), but it’s actually all about creating systems, having regular visitors to your blog and building trust with them.

2. Create your own digital products.

By digital products, I am referring to eBooks and online course. Here are some of the reasons why I suggest creating and selling your own products:
  • -          You have complete control over it.
  • -          It’s a kind of passive income – you build it once and keep making money for years to come.
  • -          It improves your reputation in the blogging world (as not everyone has their own products).
  • -          Lot of people try to learn new things, so there is huge potential of making money through online courses.

3. Sponsored Blog Posts.

I love this one. Sponsored blog posts are the one which you write for the brands. Why do they want you to write for them? Here it is a Win-Win situation for both blogger and the advertiser. By writing posts on your blog, they are reaching out to the audience of your blog (which means they are reaching more potential buyers) and in return you are getting paid for this task.
Usually, all it takes is, creating a trustworthy blog with a ton of content and traffic on it and advertisers will start reaching out to you. You need not put lot of effort in finding advertisers for your blog.

4. Ad Revenue

This is the first and foremost method that I tried, because, when I started the blog, this was the only method of monetization that I knew. So I decided to sign up with Adsense – a reputable publishing network that’s collaborating with some pretty big names in different industries.
So many bloggers out there earn money from ads. However, some are against it, as don’t want to overwhelm the reader. These individuals are usually making pretty decent money from their own products or through affiliate marketing, so they avoid having ad network on their blogs.
Ad revenue can be a good addition to your site. It could also be the first monetization method that works well for you as it brings recurring income.

5. Freelance writing

Sometimes, it’s much easier to make your first money with writing as a freelancer and have some stable income before you begin earning from your blog. That’s what I did.
Many experts suggest that freelancing is the quickest way to kick-start your career in the digital world. You can easily do it alongside your blog.

6. Working with the Brands

Lots of brands, collaborate with the bloggers to publicize their business. Because they know, by collaborating with the bloggers they can reach wider and niche specific audience.
The whole idea of collaborations is to create a mutually beneficial relationship with the brand. They use your platform to promote their product, generate leads, and in return the brand provides you compensation, in terms of money or products.
But before you can begin to team up with brands, make sure that your blog has some regular audience. In fact, it gives you more stimulus if you have a large audience. Even if you’re still working on your first few thousand visitors on your blog, you may be appealing to brands, as they see the engagement more than the size of audience. This is visible through the shares of your blog posts on social media and the visitors leaving comments on your blog.
If a brand clicks over to your Facebook handle and only sees a list of scheduled posts only, then it will appear like you’re not trying to engage with your audience yourself.
Primarily, there are three main ways that you can get in touch with brands: through Blogging networks, reaching out to brands directly, or the brand reaching out to you.
Blogging Networks
There are 100s of blogging networks out there. Some of them are Country specific for example, Indibloggerhub caters to Indian Bloggers and Brands Only. But there are many which offer opportunities globally. Few of the best known are:
  • -          CLEVER
  • -          SOCIAL FABRIC
  • -          MASSIVE SWAY
  • -          POLLINATE
  • -          COLLECTIVELY
  • -          THE WOMEN BLOGGERS

Reaching out the Brands

This one is the trickiest of all. It’s not easy to send an email that says, “Hey, I like you and I create awesome content so you should pay me to create awesome content for you”.  Instead, follow them on their social handles, mention them on Twitter (or any other social network) or tag them in relevant Instagram post. Get on their bandwidth and then send a pitch email.
Brands are getting pitched by hundreds of bloggers and micro bloggers every day, you need to make yourself stand out with your pitch.

Bottom Line

When you start with your blog, it may appear like one of the most strenuous and frustrating tasks. With so much of information floating all around and tricky strategies to digest, it may become overwhelming for a few bloggers. Give yourself time, go step by step and gradually see your blog growing.

About Author
Jais is a Lifestyle blogger and a fitness freak. She’s a Creative-writer, Nature Lover, Animal Lover, an observer, a traveller on the path to self-discovery. She loves to share information on health & wellness, Blogging and Home based business Ideas. She blogs at https://getsethappy.com. Connect with her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

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Cryptocurrency Transfer Made Easy with Coinbase

Whether you’re new to cryptocurrencies or a long time HODLer, finding yourself a platform worthy of your trust and your crypto is not easy in today’s crypto-ecosystem. However, Coinbase is one such platform that not only keeps your digital assets secure but also allows you to easily transfer it from one arena to another.

Coinbase is an online platform for cryptocurrency holders and traders. Here, you can buy, sell or trade your crypto, plus store it securely with the help of their various services and features. Furthermore, clients of Coinbase are equipped with versatile Coinbase customer support, which keeps them updated and their crypto out of trouble.

One of the many features of Coinbase customer service number is their Wallet app. The Coinbase Wallet app is a user-controlled cryptocurrency wallet. Coinbase allows you to buy crypto and the platform stores it along with your private keys. But with the Coinbase Wallet app, you can store your own crypto and safegaurd it with a private key that is exclusive to your knowledge. And with their latest update, you can now link your platform account to your Coinbase Wallet app and transfer crypto to your wallet app within a matter of clicks- anytime, anywhere.

Transfering Crypto Made Easy With Coinbase

If you’re a Coinbase client who is used to transferring cryptocurrency between your Coinbase account and a software or hardware wallet, then things just got simpler for you. This new feature of ‘easy crypto transfer’ by the platform will give users an effortless experience that is the benchmark of all Coinbase phone number products and services.

All you have to do is connect your app with your Coinbase account through the settings menu. Once the account is linked, you can transfer crypto at any time. Plus, if you desire, you can also unlike the account at any given time.

Furthermore, if you have any doubt regarding their latest update, just contact the Coinbase customer service number. The Coinbase customer support team is a group of experts, at your disposal at any time, to help resolve any queries or issues about new or existing features.

As a user-oriented platform, Coinbase is always trying to enhance itself through customer feedback. So, if you’re a client of the platform, and have any suggestions or issues, then just contact the Coinbase customer service number or send them an email.