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6 Personalized Secret Santa Gifts for Travel Junkies

Yay, it's Christmas season hype all around! This also means you soon will have to pick out a name and be someone’s secret Santa. It’s definitely a huge task to interrogate everyone to know their likes & dislikes and find secret Santa gifts that fit in your budget too. All this while, hoping for a gifting idea to strike you but not having any luck at it. We bet this year you won’t have to get too worked up about secret santa gifts as we at The Messy Corner have got you sorted. In case you have picked the name of someone passionate about traveling, these gifts are sure to blow their minds! We have rounded up 6 personalized secret Santa gifts for all travel junkies out there! Take a look at these secret Santa ideas: 1. Personalized passport covers There is nothing like gifting an avid traveler a stylish personalized passport cover! This can be a great value addition to any travel buff’s essential list. The cover can be customized with a name & a charm that goe

Five must watch educational videos on TikTok today!

TikTok has become a platform to generate content across various spectrums. This year, however, TikTok has become the go-to platform to share educational content amongst the Indian diaspora. While people misconstrue that TikTok is an app for fun, today, it is much more than that. The rise of educational content that is engaging, and fun proves otherwise. Since the arrival of the #EduTok, it has garnered over 52 billion views. #EduTok has given rise to genre specific educational content with tags such as #EduTokTech, #EduTokLanguage, #EduTokCareer, just to name a few, with users publishing different types of content every day. With TikTok education never stops. Popular TikTok content creators such as Urmi Pandya and Dr. Animesh have also shared educational videos on health and fitness tips with their fans. Other creators such as Mridul Madhok and Geet have shared motivational, educational, and healthy habit-related content. Notably, all these TikTok creators have over one m