Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Self Employed! This housing finance provider can lead you to your dream home

Taking House Loan No More a Cumbersome Process 

Are you a self-employed person who is planning to purchase a home? Well, we’ll love to be the beacon of light to help you pave the way!

Having a house you can call your home is something that we all dream of but, finances often take a toll when you think of leaving your rented accommodation for a place of your own, especially when you are self-employed. As soon as you finalize your decision of purchasing a house, fathomless questions start popping in your head. Should I take a loan? Which organization should I rely upon? Will my hard-earned not go into vain? Do I need to undergo the SWOT analysis? Well, you need not worry anymore, for new-age housing finance organizations like PNB Housing Finance Limited comes to your rescue!

On an Upward Growth Trajectory

With the passage of time, this public sector housing finance organization is stretching its presence with each passing day; standing testament to its upward growth trajectory.

It has pan India presence in over 60 locations through a vast network of 84 branches and 36 outreach offices as of 31 March, 2018.

As the traditional housing finance companies are unable to bridge the widening gap between the demands & supply of housing loans for the consumers; this organization caters to the self-employment segment. It excels in providing housing loans and loan against property as a part of its product portfolio and also holds the license to accept public deposits.

Carving a Niche, Despite the Odds

With the advent of the massive banking fraud allegedly carried out by diamantaire Nirav Modi and his uncle Mehul Choksi, PNB has seen its market capitalization hit by more than halve; making the audiences skeptical about the accountability of PNB Housing Finance Limited too (as per sources) However, the situation is quite the other way round.

The Independent Housing Finance Entity is reckoned to have more market capitalization . While the market capitalization of Punjab National Bank stood at Rs 20,842.33 crore; that of the PNB Housing Finance was at Rs 21,199.07 crore (as per TOI) As of 21st August, 2018 their share price stands at INR 1395.50, which is increasing day by day. In last few months they have gained the trust of customers and its partners.

Checklist for Speedy Loan Approval

In case of getting your home loan approved, there are certain parameters which need to be checked. For instance, your credit history; the people who have higher down-payment on home buying, adequate savings and good credit score always have a higher chance of loan approval. Other parameters include your loan repayment capacity, total earning in the financial year, property appraisal, and existing loans.

Building an Empire

Tracing the past trends and the financial performance, it seems that PNB Housing Finance is operating on a sound footing and is building from strength to strength with each passing year. The organization’s enhanced technology and modernization in terms of structure & functioning points towards the acceleration and converting their customer’s dreams into a reality.

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