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Improving Access to Healthcare

Quality healthcare shouldn’t be a privilege of few but the fundamental right of all. Therefore, PNB Housing supports healthy living for growth and development of the individual, and of the country at large. Through their CSR intervention they aim to reach out to the socially and economically marginalised groups and help improve their access to healthcare through: 1. Providing Infrastructural Support to Government Hospitals The Indian Constitution guarantees free healthcare to all citizens. Yet, majority of expenditure on healthcare is done out of pocket. This is due to- Limited accessibility to Govt hospitals  Low awareness of health, insurance and other such welfare schemes  Poor or inadequate infrastructure and other healthcare facilities.  To combat the same, PNB Housing has partnered with All India Institute for Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Delhi and King George’s Medical University (KGMU), Lucknow to improve infrastructure as these hospitals are accessed by people fro

Gripping Facts and Essential Information About Motor Insurance

Basically, motor insurance or vehicle insurance is the insurance which protects the owner from the theft and damage to the vehicle. It is available for two wheelers and four wheelers both. There are some essential facts that one should know about them. Read them below and make yourself updated. Read also: Self Employed! This housing finance provider can lead you to your dream home What is all included in this insurance? It is very important to know what this policy include and what all it covers. The main covers are given in the points below: The damaged which happens due to accident, malicious acts, storms, floods etc to your vehicle. Theft of your new vehicle. The accident cover is also available but only for owner-driver in the motor insurance . What do these motor insurance not cover? The mechanical or electrical breakdowns. Damaged caused by a person in the condition of intoxication. If there is an accident or damaged to the vehicle by a person who is drivi

Treat Yourself to a Lazy Day in Rajkot

A holiday essentially translates to an exotic beach destination or a mystical mountain hamlet. And why wouldn’t it be? When our country is endowed with such natural wonders, it is quite justified for travelers to seek respite whenever they need a break from the monotony of life. But have you ever wondered how it would be to escape to another town or a city, a little less maddening than the major metros, and spend a lazy day? For a different kind of holiday, Rajkot in Gujarat can be an interesting destination. How to reach The best way to get to Rajkot is to rent a car from Ahmedabad (you can fly down till Ahmedabad) and reach your destination in less than four hours. Where to stay There are a plenty of hotels, homestays, and guest houses spread around the city. But when you are out to relax and unwind, you would want to indulge in a heritage property or a resort, or a luxurious accommodation like the Heritage Khirasara, The Imperial Palace, or the Regency Lagoon R