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7 Essential Travel Apps for Your Next Vacation

  Vacations are always supposed to be happy, effortless, and easy. Vacation is not only about enjoying a new place; vacation is also about enjoying the planning part of it. If you are bogged down with planning your vacation , then you are doing it all wrong!    Well, there are some apps that can help you plan a perfect vacation for yourself. Check out the list of 7 essential travel apps that need to find a place on your phone for a smooth vacation!   TripIt    When you know the when and where of your next holiday, but you are not good with the ‘how’ part of it, then TripIt is the travel organizer app that will help you out plan your trip. This is the app that helps you plan a detailed itinerary of your next trips.  It starts with you downloading the app from Play Store or Apple Store and logging into the app. Once you have logged in, you will be asked to submit the basic details of your travel; like flight details, hotel bookings, car rentals , etc. Once you forward all these details,