Tuesday, March 24, 2020

State of Siege 26/11: Undaunted Portrayal of Mumbai Terror Attacks

State of Siege 26/11- the original ZEE5 Series based on the Mumbai terror attacks was premiered on March 20, 2020. The series portrays Mumbai terror attacks in a very subtle manner; it neither pumps up the patriotism nor over functionalizes things. Revealing various facts about the attacks and loss, the series is no less than a truth on the screen. A realistic way of retelling the events occurred during the Mumbai terror attacks on November 26, 2008, it brings up everything from the perspective of the NSG Commandos and how they managed to neutralize the terrorists and their plans.

During this time of quarantine, State of Siege fits perfectly in the bouquet of your binge-watch movies. This eight-episode series has been rated high by the viewers for it has been adapted from the journalist’s Sandeep Unnithan’s Black Torando: The Three Stages of Mumbai 26/11; which itself does justice with the content of the series. The cast of this ZEE5 series includes Arjan Bajwa, Arjun Bijlani, Vivek Dahiya, Mukul Dev and Sid Makkar.

The series reveals various unknown facts about this worst attack in India. Directed by the American Director Mathhew Leutwyler, the production and the content assures that no bias has been entertained. Every aspect of the attack has been looked at so sensitively to make the viewers relate, understand and know what exactly happened on 26/11. Interestingly, Lt. Colonel Sundeep Sen who was instrumental in taking decisions for NSG Commandos was also the part of the shooting schedule of this series. This somehow, makes it series more realistic and unaffected of any second thoughts.

Another great example of realism reflection in the series is that the shooting was also done at a secluded defense base in order to shoot in an IL-76 aircraft. This is the same plane which escorted NSG Commandos from Haryana to Mumbai during the actual attacks. Special permissions were taken to do the shoot and showcase the aircraft in the trailer as well. Real locations, real equipment, and natural light do add to the credibility of the series.

This show comes with some questions to the authority- Are we now equipped to face such challenges and situations tactfully with all our spirit? Are the gaps in communication fulfilled (which obviously highlights the lapses occurred during the attack due to poor communication among the task forces)?

Undoubtedly, one episode in the series also showcases how common people are brainwashed in the name of ‘jihad’ to take up weapons and destroy lives and property. We all know terror attacks are not common and these attacks not just take away what is visible to the eyes; the loss and impact are beyond expression.

The role of media in all this, the media room tension are not to be forgotten, and has been showcased quite perfectly.

With the use of Nokia and Blackberry phones, the makers have tried to bring the best to the front but every true story comes with flaws when fictionalized and picturized.

You cannot miss this one during your quarantine!

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