Thursday, November 28, 2019

6 Personalized Secret Santa Gifts for Travel Junkies

Yay, it's Christmas season hype all around! This also means you soon will have to pick out a name and be someone’s secret Santa. It’s definitely a huge task to interrogate everyone to know their likes & dislikes and find secret Santa gifts that fit in your budget too. All this while, hoping for a gifting idea to strike you but not having any luck at it.

We bet this year you won’t have to get too worked up about secret santa gifts as we at The Messy Corner have got you sorted. In case you have picked the name of someone passionate about traveling, these gifts are sure to blow their minds! We have rounded up 6 personalized secret Santa gifts for all travel junkies out there! Take a look at these secret Santa ideas:

1. Personalized passport covers

There is nothing like gifting an avid traveler a stylish personalized passport cover! This can be a great value addition to any travel buff’s essential list. The cover can be customized with a name & a charm that goes well with their personality. Grab this & more such personalized secret Santa gifts for your travel buddy here.

2. Personalized leather diary

Travelers often love to note down their traveling experiences. It’s their way of staying organized and at the same time storing memories forever. If we were to advise you, a personalized diary would be our pick for such travelers. Gifting a diary to someone is always considered to be quite thoughtful. Help them stay organized and stylish at the same time with these classic travel diaries!

3. Personalized travel wallets

It’s necessary to have all your valuables in a safe place & together while traveling. With the help of a travel wallet, it becomes easy to store passport, currency & tickets all at once. This makes your documents easily accessible inside a huge case. A personalized travel wallet can be something that your traveler friend actually needs so head over here & get them one now!

4. Personalized laptop sleeve

If your friend is one of those who carries their work around wherever they go, you can stop your secret Santa gift hunt right here. Check out these awesome laptop sleeves made to protect your laptop from regular wear & tear and at the same time give a classy look. The laptop sleeve is sure to add to your style quotient! The sleeve can be personalized to look one-of-a-kind with a name and charm. Don’t you love these secret Santa ideas?

5. Personalized luggage tags

We all fear the ‘Oh my bag is missing!’ moment while traveling. It a phobia all travelers have & we aren’t surprised why. However, there is a way you can at least differentiate your bags from the rest of the bulk with ease. Always put a name tag on them. These tags look very aesthetic and classy. Grab more such personalized secret Santa gifts only at The Messy Corner.

6. Personalised Combo Set

Apart from our special secret Santa gifts collection, we also have curated sets and combos for travel junkies you’ll love! Find a complete travel set that you feel is perfect for your buddy here.

With this list of Secret Santa ideas, you definitely won’t disappoint any of your friends! What’s more? We provide free shipping pan India on all our products so get set shop now!

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