Saturday, October 26, 2019

Benefits of a Health Insurance Plan that Covers You Overseas

Travelling overseas is like discovering a whole new world without losing sight of the shore. Such is the essence of travelling which keeps your heart floating on the top bringing the best experience of life. A traveller ensures every little thing as he plans to travel overseas and travel insurance that covers him overseas is a necessity in the list. This insurance plan with international medical cover has so much in the bucket to offer.

A range of overseas health insurance plans are available with a host of value-added services that one can look up to while moving from one place to another. These well-thought plans offer a wide range of benefits and comprehensive coverage shedding all your worry. Let’s see how overseas health insurance company plan saves your pocket from unnecessary holes!

Benefits of Overseas Health Insurance Plans:

Cashless Hospitalisation Worldwide: It includes cashless settlement to hospitals in the situation of emergency hospitalisation or treatment during the travel. Including both in-patient care and out-patient treatment, it confirms the coverage of the insured. Only that, the person needs to inform the Assistance company at the earliest to avail the maximum benefits. The plan includes dental, optical and other health assessments.

Easy Access to Second Medical Opinion: To ensure that you are comfortable with the treatment, overseas health insurance plan ensures that you have an easy reach to doctors and get a second opinion seamlessly.

Accidental Death: Expenses arising due to an unfortunate happening such as accident that results in death are covered in the plan. In case of death, the nominee can claim the amount by submitting the form and related necessary documents.

Permanent Total Disability: Nominee can claim the insurance amount in case of permanent total disability due to a deadly accident. Nominee can produce disability certificate, claim form and other documents to claim the amount.

In addition to the above inclusions, the international travel insurance plan includes dental expenses, two-way compassionate visit, passport loss, up-gradation to business class, treatment in the home country, and various others.

So let’s get packing for an exciting journey with the safety belt of Max Bupa International Health Insurance Plan.

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