Tuesday, September 3, 2019

The Best Digital Marketing Strategies in 2019 For Startups!

The digital marketing landscape is ever-evolving. The strategies which were once effective are now considered old hat techniques. As the digital marketing strategies evolve every year, it is essential for marketers to be aware of all the changes in order to adapt with the emerging techniques to stay ahead in the market. This will help them to achieve massive gain and become competent to develop effective ways to grow businesses, improve relationship with existing customers and generate leads. To deliver effective digital marketing services, it is necessary that you keep up with the latest trends to ensure developing successful marketing techniques. Below is the list of key digital marketing strategies of 2019 that you need to know and how to integrate them in your existing digital marketing strategy.


The usages of videos are not likely to get slow in coming years. Most of the social platforms are now investing in video contents and marketers are using videos for engaging the audiences. But it is necessary that you create videos with clear objectives. You must work on analyzing the effective types of videos that work best for the audiences. The small size videos would work best for social platforms, but there are people who are interested in watching long videos.

Video advertisement is another digital marketing strategy that you must try as it increases the brand awareness and help driving in more conversions. According to surveys, consumers prefer streaming the ads to find more about products and brands before making the purchasing. So, marketers are required to optimize the videos for mobile consumers, while including call-to-action in the ad.

AI & AR Improvising Marketing

Artificial Intelligence is new to digital marketing which can revolutionize the marketing techniques. It is already been used in customer experience, analytics, and personalization and it has proved to be the secret weapon for your digital marketing strategy of 2019. The personalization feature is becoming more crucial and consumers are expecting better shopping experience from brands. It is estimated that 74% of the online shoppers are happy to share their details for more personalized advertisement experience. So, AI can act as the link between the consumers and brands.

Similarly, Augmented Reality is also becoming a crucial weapon for your digital marketing. Many brands believe that AR can help create optimal experience which can enhance their overall messaging. AR is already in use across several industries and customers are ready to give a try to AR as it helps in:

  • Raising Brand Awareness
  • Improvise Customer Experience 
  • Build Engagement with new innovative ways to reach the consumers 
  • Promote their brands and products via new gamification 

Social Media Stories

Stories are the next big strategy in digital marketing landscape, especially in social media marketing. Stories are very engaging and this is encouraging marketers to try this out and hence making it a popular strategy to be included in your digital marketing strategy 2019. The vertical videos are considered more attractive for mobile phones and stories are more likely to take over social media platforms, of which Instagram is the popular choice.

Digital marketing companies in Gurgaon are emerging day by day leading to help brands for their online visibility on Google search engine result pages using these social media marketing strategies and other SEO tactics.

Stories can be used by brands to prove their authenticity with behind the scene contents, engaging videos, fun polls and countdown videos which involve their followers. Creating stories need no professional, but you need skills and strategy on how to make the most out of it.

Voice Technology and Need of Conversational Content

The voice technology is gaining immense popularity in digital marketing landscape. Consumers prefer spending most of their time on the voice technology and marketers are required to know how they can benefit from this growing trend.

Marketers will find some conversational promotions and contents which they need to include in their digital marketing strategy. It is different from traditional promotional processes and hence it is necessary that marketers learn how to design the conversational content. The voice search is all about knowing what your target audiences want and how they make use of the voice assistant. Majority of the people today use smart devices and this can really bring bigger advantage for brands that are looking forward to invest in voice search.

These were some of the latest and most advanced digital marketing strategies of 2019.

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