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Google Adwords Interview Questions & Answers 2019

Google AdWords, is a crucial aspect of a successful digital marketing strategy in 2019. When businesses are looking to fill PPC positions, they’re looking for someone that knows exactly how Google AdWords can be optimized for the growth and success of their company. This means that they’re going to be coming at prospective employees with some tough, detailed SEM or Google Adwords interview questions.

Here is your quick interview guide for Google Adwords Interview Questions & Answers in 2019.

In this post we have tried to cover all the advances questionnaires for Google Ads. For basic questions like What is Google Ads? and etc. You can easily find them on Goolge.

1. What is Attribution Models? Which is the best and Why?

Attribution models can give you a better understanding of how your ads perform and can help you optimize across the user's conversion path. Attribution models let you choose how much credit each click gets for your conversions. You can attribute the credit to the customer's first click, last click, or a combination of multiple clicks.

Attribution modeling is only available for clicks on Search Network and Shopping ads on, and isn't available for interactions with Display Network ads. It’s only available for website, Google Analytics, phone call, and import conversion actions, not for app and in-store conversions.

Different types of attribution models in Google Ads:

Last click: Gives all credit for the conversion to the last-clicked ad and corresponding keyword.

When using the last click model, you might notice a slight time lag between what's reported in the "Conversions (current model)" column and the "Conversions" column for recent time periods. This lag eventually corrects itself.

First click: Gives all credit for the conversion to the first-clicked ad and corresponding keyword.

Linear: Distributes the credit for the conversion equally across all clicks on the path.

Time decay: Gives more credit to clicks that happened closer in time to the conversion. Credit is distributed using a 7-day half-life. In other words, a click 8 days before a conversion gets half as much credit as a click 1 day before a conversion.

Position-based: Gives 40% of credit to both the first- and last-clicked ads and corresponding keyword, with the remaining 20% spread out across the other clicks on the path.

Data-driven: Distributes credit for the conversion based on past data for this conversion action. (This is only available to accounts with enough data.)

Data-Driven Model is the best since it is directly based on your account performance and historical data.

The data-driven attribution model is a new addition from Google Ads. It uses Google machine learning technology to give credit to the most influencer keywords in the conversion process.

But this model isn’t for everyone. In fact, Google has placed some thresholds to become eligible for this data driven attribution.

To use this model, you need a minimum of the following in 30 days:
15,000 clicks
600 conversions

To keep using the model, you have to then sustain the following numbers for each consecutive 30 days:
10,000 clicks
400 conversions

That’s a whole lot of conversions and clicks.

If you do have access, I highly recommend using it.

2. Comparison between Bing Ads v/s Google Ads

Google Ads:

Search Network: Advertisers create text ads to appear on the search engine results page (SERP), example below
Display Network: Advertisers create display ads to appear on a vast number of websites across the internet

Bing Ads:

Bing, which is owned by Microsoft, has three search engines — Bing, Yahoo, and AOL — so when you advertise on one platform, your ad is actually seen on all three.

Display URL

Google and Bing both show display URLs underneath the ad headline. Bing highlights their display URLs with bold formatting. Google Ads does not.

Click-through Rate (CTR)

Since Yahoo and MSN both offer financial reporting, Bing ads tend to have higher CTRs for shopping and financial services search verticals. That’s because they offer many shopping and financial resources and ads in those search verticals on those platforms reach highly-interested prospects, receive more engagement, and have higher CTR.

Negative Keywords

Bing does not allow broad match negative keywords but Google AdWords does.

Keywords Tool

Similar to Google Adwords, Bing Ads has a tool that helps to find keywords. The only concern here is the traffic volume is lower when compared to Adwords. The tools shows location wise CTR for each keyword, along with monthly impressions and spend. There is also an option to pull a particular website keywords .

Better ROI
Campaigns in Bing Ads have a tendency to be more effective as they get higher click through rates (CTR) with a lower cost per click (CPC); this normally translates to better ROI.

Search Engines

Bing has 3 search engines while Google has just 1, so when you advertise on the Bing platform your advertisement is seen on – Bing, Yahoo, and AOL. This connects you with millions of searchers expanding your reach to a larger set of audience. This also means that you can expect a overall higher click-through rates.

Importing Feature: Directly import your existing Google Ads campaign
After creating a Bing Ads account, the platform offers advertisers the option to directly import their existing Google AdWords campaigns into Bing Ads. With just a few clicks, your campaign is up and running without having to recreate everything from scratch:

Granular Targetting

Bing offers more granular targeting at the ad group level. While Google allows advertisers to set their network, location, language, ad scheduling, and ad rotation settings at the campaign level, the ad groups remain limited to their campaign-level settings. Bing Ads, on the other hand, allows for adjustments to be made at the ad group level as well. Bing also enables advertisers to assign different ad campaigns to different time zones — a function that Google AdWords doesn’t offer.


Bing is fully transparent when disclosing details about its search partners, allowing advertisers to see exactly where their traffic is coming from a function that Google AdWords doesn’t offer. The platform provides detailed reports on the performance of each search partner in a campaign, including details on all metrics, from impressions to conversions.

3. What is impression share? How to improve impression Share?

Impression share is the number of impressions you've received divided by the estimated number of impressions you were eligible to receive. Eligibility is based on your current ads' targeting settings, approval statuses, bids, and Quality Scores. You can view impression share data at the campaign, ad group and keyword levels.

Impression Share = Total number of actual impressions / total number of eligible impressions you potentially could have appeared.

Types of Impression Share in Google Ads

There is more to impression share than just a simple number; there are different facets that you can use to get an even greater depth of analysis. The different breakdowns for impression share are as follows:

  • Search impression share – your impression share strictly for impressions generated through the Search Network.
  • Display impression share – your impression share strictly for impressions generated through the Display Network.
  • Search lost impression share (budget) – the percentage of impressions you lost out on for the Search Network due to an insufficient budget (this is available at the campaign level only).
  • Display lost impression share (budget) – the percentage of impressions you lost out on for the 
  • Display Network due to an insufficient budget (this is available at the campaign level only).
  • Search lost impression share (rank) – the percentage of impressions you lost out on for the Search Network due to low ad rank.
  • Display lost impression share (rank) – the percentage of impressions you lost out on for the Display Network due to low ad rank.
  • Search exact match impression share – your impression share from the Search Network for search queries that matched your keywords exactly.

Here are some strategies you can use to increase your impression share.

Adjust location targeting – If you decrease or restrict your location settings, you may see a spike in impression share. Targeting one specific location or area only will allow you to focus all efforts on that one area, and allow you more control over a specific target. While you will be serving your ads to a smaller area in general, you can take steps to ensure your ad is shown to as much of that area as possible.

Improve your ad quality – As mentioned earlier, ad quality can also have an impact on impression share. If you can take steps to improve your PPC ads, then Google will display those ads more frequently by virtue of quality score. Try improving your ad text by making it as specific and relevant as possible to the keywords in their respective ad groups.

Budget adjustment: If you increase your regional targets, you may see a decrease in impression share. That’s because there are now more potential impressions available for your ads. To avoid this, consider re-adjusting your budget so that it'll cover the costs of your new campaign settings.

Bid increment: Raising your bid can improve the likelihood that your ad will show for a given ad auction.

4. What is Click Share?

Click share is the estimated share of all achievable clicks that you have received, and is available only for Search and Shopping campaigns.

For example, if you received 40 clicks, and your click share is 40%, then it’s estimated that there were another 60 clicks that you could have received if you had more extensions, higher bids, higher
budgets or, in the case of Shopping campaigns, if you showed more products for search queries.

How to increase your click share?

Remember you need to get impressions before you can get clicks. Everything you can do to increase impression share and absolute top impression share is also useful for increasing click share. Learn about how to increase impression share.

Even if you have a high impression share, your click share may still be lower. Increasing your bid and the quality and relevance of your ads, and adding extensions can help your ads get more clicks.
If you're managing Shopping ads, remember that multiple Shopping ads from the same advertiser can show at the same time. When you have multiple ads showing at the same time, you increase your chances of having any of your ads clicked. So, you can increase overall click share on Shopping ads by having more than one of your products show.

5. What is Smart Display campaign?

Smart Display campaigns offer a simple, intelligent solution to managing the complex variables of display advertising, and may be the most effortless way to broaden your customer base and win new conversions. Use a Smart Display campaign to show ads in almost all formats across the Google Display Network, reaching people at all stages in the buying cycle—from people with demonstrated interests to customers just about to buy.


Automated bidding: Using Target CPA as a basis, Smart Display campaigns optimize to set your bids according to the likelihood of conversion in each and every ad auction, seeking to give you the best possible value.
Automated targeting: Targeting optimizes as your campaign runs, which means your ads increasingly show where they’ll get you the most business. Where applicable, Smart Display campaigns use dynamic prospecting to match your feed to the likeliest converters.
Automated ad creation: Ads are automatically generated from the building blocks you provide, like headlines, descriptions, logos, and images. They responsively fit into almost all ad spaces across the Display Network.


Smart Display campaigns are not compatible with audience or user list targeting.

6. How to Reduce Your Google Ads CPA

Location Optimzation: If you set your targeting too broad inside Google Ads, it’s possible you’re serving them to poorly-converting regions.

These are considered locations that have generated little to zero conversions over the last few months. Unless you’re getting very little traffic overall (which indicates you have bigger PPC problems), this technique is a fast and efficient method to reduce your CPA and boost your campaign’s ROI.

Quality Score Improvement: There is such a strong correlation between the improvement of quality score and reducing CPA. Make sure that each ad group has a set of extremely relevant keywords. This helps boost your CTR and your subsequent quality score. Make highly relevant landing pages for each ad group.

Smart Bidding: Target CPA bidding is also referred to as Smart Bidding inside Google Ads and it refers to an automatic bidding strategy within campaigns that’s designed to get your ads more conversions for the target CPA that you set (the maximum you’re willing to spend for a conversion).

Smart Bidding adjust bids using signals including:
  • Device
  • Browser
  • Time
  • Location
  • Remarketing list.

These questions are meant to serve as a stepping stone to acing the interview and landing the job of your dreams in Digital Marketing. One of the best ways to acquire the skills that employers are looking for is to always be looking for ways to build upon your knowledge of PPC. 


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