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Best Street Foods to Check While on a Tour to Ahmedabad

You’re bound to achieve the unique taste of Gujarati cuisine once you try the items from five major regions. Although most are salty or contain a kiss of sugar, some of the Gujarati dishes prove to be very spicy.

Kulfi yields a smooth dairy sweetness that’s unique of Ahmedabad. You may refer to it as any traditional ice cream that you come across anywhere in India. Elaichi, Mango, Kesar-Pista, Rose, and Malai are flavours that convey the true essence of Ahmedabad. Matka Kulfi is a popular cooling treatment for those that are visiting this city.

It’s a cake that doesn’t contain any non-veg layer. The bottle gourd stuffing that it has can accommodate other veggies as well. You may even add supplements in the form of crushed peanuts. Look for the Gujarati Cake, and you’ll get the Handvo served in a platter. You may find it at roadside inns or add it while ordering food with online coupon codes.

Khaman Dhokla
Khaman Dhokla is good to bake with gram flour. This steamed item tastes quite spicy and feels fluffy and spongy. This veg snack is good for the health as it goes light on your tummy. It even tastes sugary. You may put some coriander chutney to make it tastier. A vast majority of food stalls in Ahmedabad will provide you with this delicacy.

Apart from Mumbaikers, all other Indians are in love with vada pav, the Indian Burgers. Amdavadis yields a slight variation as you serve the vada with a chilly in between. The mouth-watering delicacy comes with onion toppings, chutneys, and the patty composed of fried potato dipped in gram flour. Almost every street in Ahmedabad will make you crave for its mouth tangling taste.

The state of Gujarat has plenty of seafood on offer due to its extensive coastline. Primarily vegetarian, this state offers a long list of non-vegetarian food items that come from multiple communities. These items comprise of chicken and seafood in different forms. Also, they are cooked to meet the culinary desires of women belonging to such communities.

Ahmedabad has even another Gujju Canapés to add to its list of glories – Sev Khamani. It’s a traditional preparation of Khaman or Dhokla. Sev Khamani adds more to your delight by recreating that classic taste. You’ll feel a natural inclination towards this piquant, sweetened, and spicy gram lentils canapé. It is a fast-track recipe meant for your morning breakfast. It’s not something that you can overlook after stepping into Ahmedabad.


The Thepla is composed of flour possessing a certain amount of sesame seeds or fenugreek leaves. At times, the processing of wheat flour gets better with bottle gourd. You’ll hear the chuckles when your loved ones have it with pickles and curd.

Surati Locho
Surati Locho is lateral steamed cuisine of Gujarat. It’s composed of Gram flour. You may sprinkle a topping of coriander, Sey lather, or flavoured chutney over its irregular portions.

Batata Poha
Your morning breakfast feels overwhelming when you enjoy a bowl of Batata Poha that’s composed of flattened rice. You may have it in its lemon flavour and add toppings in the form of pomegranate, sev, and onions. Manek Chowk is the favourite hotspot for tourists pursuing this mouth-watering cuisine.

Ragada Pattice
Ragda Pattice is a great fast food that combines Gujarati and Marathi Street food. It is a well-conceived alternative to another popular North Indian cuisine. You’ll find it along the busiest corners of Ahmedabad.


Khandvi is another Gujarati delicacy that fulfills your craving for a spicy snack. Composed of yoghurt and gram flour, it yields every firmly put yellowish bit worth the size of your bite. Handpicked as a starter by most Indians, it’s quite popular across most Indian states. It’s commonly known as Patuli or Suralichi Vadi in the state of Maharashtra.

Jalebi-fafda is a much popular sweet dish that is served during the occasion of Dussehra. It usually accompanies a few pieces of raw Papaya fries called Sambhariyo. Fafda appears flat and is made with besan and tastes namkeen, while Jalebi yields concentric circles rubbed with ghee and tastes sweet. It is a hugely sought-after dessert in Gujarat.

Methina Gota
The most traditional households in Gujarat tend to preserve this furtive treasure. An age-old recipe from Dakor, Methina Gota tastes unique and keeps you mesmerised throughout the Holi celebrations. Get some Khajuri Maliki Chutney and serve the Methi Balls hot and fried.

Dal Wadi
Moong dal is quite easily digestible. It’s both nourishing and delicious to have. You’re bound to catch up a healthy staple option in the sprouts of moong dal. They’re also a rich source of minerals and protein as they gain iron from vitamin C. They test pretty well when served with fried chillies, ring onions, and chutney.


Khakhras are a kind of crackers that are composed of oil, wheat flour or pad beans. You will love having them mostly during the mealtime. The crisp feel comes with the way Khakhras are baked and shaped with human hands. It is one snack that fits in with every occasion. You can have them anytime during the day.

At a time, when various delicacies are being shared across online streaming platforms, you may consider checking these cuisines for a change. Most of these cuisines can win over the hearts of your guests and loved ones alike. You’re bound to earn much admiration by serving these delicacies at the household parties.


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