Thursday, December 20, 2018

Discover the Hidden Gem in Georgia

Exploring new places should be on the bucket list of every person. It is one of the things that bring us solace and knowledge at the same time. We can visit the different parts of the world and learn new things about their culture and life. People often stick to the places that have been visited over and over again. But they should try something new and different to bring a change in themselves. Georgia is one such country that is extremely beautiful but people often neglect it when it comes to tourism. So, here we will speak a little about the country and also about things to do in Georgia.

Why should people visit Georgia? 

Nature: People of the modern age should definitely increase their interaction with nature. Georgia is a place which is close to nature and so people should pay more heed to it.

People: The residents of Georgia are homely and they have a big heart. Whoever you interact with, they will always talk to you with a smile. So, Georgia will give you an insight on hospitality and culture.

Food: One of the main concerns of visiting the country is its food. In Georgia, you will get amazing foods at a cheap rate and the food items are quite unique. On top of that they make really good beer.

Beautiful Cities: Georgia has beautiful cities and town nestled into it. Be it the capital Tbilisi or the modern city of Batumi, you will never have enough. You will fall in love with the streets and the life present in them. 

Things to do in Georgia:

Explore Wine: One of the things that you should do in Georgia is an exploration of wine. It has been found that Georgian’s made wine even 8,000 years ago. So, it is practically the birthplace of wine. The locals ferment the wine in kvevris which are a type of clay vessel. Do not forget to sip on the red wine made from Saperavi grape.

Engage in Supra: As we said, you cannot take food out of Georgia. They have a unique food habit owing to the amalgamation of regions. Supra is the traditional Georgian feast. You will need to try it to get a taste of the people. Khachapuri is great bread filled with gooey cheese and Khinkhali dumplings are amazing as well.

Know the Religion: Georgians are very serious about their religion and they have followed it for a long time. So, to know more about them you should definitely visit the churches. Apart from the perspective of religion, they are great architectural heritage as well. One should include the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral of Mtskheta and the Bagrati Cathedral of Kutaisi in their list. They should also explore the church present in Kazbegi and the other churches that dot the cities and towns.

Go to Ushguli: When you are in Georgia you should definitely visit the highest village present in Europe. It is the Ushguli village that is located 2200m above the sea level. There is no proper road to visit the village, so one needs to travel by a horse. It sits by Mount Shkhara, the highest point of Georgia. The village is present in the Svaneti province which has many other villages nestled into it. You will love the scenic beauty present in Ushguli.

We hope that by now we have been able to convince you to visit Georgia for your next trip. Do not miss out on this beautiful country as it doesn’t cost much to tour it. You will find everything in this country worth remembering when you start your journey to Georgia.

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