Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Improving Access to Healthcare

Quality healthcare shouldn’t be a privilege of few but the fundamental right of all. Therefore, PNB Housing supports healthy living for growth and development of the individual, and of the country at large. Through their CSR intervention they aim to reach out to the socially and economically marginalised groups and help improve their access to healthcare through:

1. Providing Infrastructural Support to Government Hospitals
The Indian Constitution guarantees free healthcare to all citizens. Yet, majority of expenditure on healthcare is done out of pocket. This is due to-

  • Limited accessibility to Govt hospitals 
  • Low awareness of health, insurance and other such welfare schemes 
  • Poor or inadequate infrastructure and other healthcare facilities. 

To combat the same, PNB Housing has partnered with All India Institute for Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Delhi and King George’s Medical University (KGMU), Lucknow to improve infrastructure as these hospitals are accessed by people from all walks of life.

The HFC has donated 04 ventilators to the Neurosurgery Sciences Department, AIIMS and extended similar support to KGMU by donating 03 neonatal thermos and 01 transportable incubator to their Department of Pediatrics.

2. Improving Health and Hygiene of Adolescent Girls
India is currently experiencing a demographic dividend as a large portion of the population is under 60 years of age. Within this population, adolescent girls form a particularly vulnerable group as they are in need of awareness and support for their growth and development.

PNB Housing, with their NGO partner- Progress Alternative, have initiated a health and hygiene programme for adolescent girls in four villages of Uttar Pradesh to improve lives of nearly 200 girls through-

  • Reproductive and Child Health Training 
  • Community engagement and awareness generation 
  • Addressing issues of reproductive health, child marriage, family planning etc. 
  • Monthly visits by qualified medical professionals 
  • Provision of subsidized sanitary napkins. 

As conversations around reproductive health are considered a taboo in most areas, the girls are also provided with ‘safe spaces’ to facilitate these discussions. They are engaged in special courses for- sewing, beauticians, computer training, etc. so that they can be introduced to health issues and at the same time are able to learn new skills that they can later use to become independent and earn a living for themselves and their families. Eventually, this will help the country reap the benefits of the demographic dividend and improve the lives of the adolescent girls.

3. Supporting Cancer Patients and their Families- Helpline
The growing number of cancer patients in India is worrisome. A Planning Commission report estimates that about 2.8 million people have cancer at any point of time and half a million die of the disease each year. Lack of awareness and support adds to the distress of cancer patients and their loved ones.

In partnership with NGO - Can Support, the HFC has been supporting the operational cost of the first cancer patients’ helpline in Delhi.

The helpline-011.26711212 is a medium to reach out to those who have been suspected of or diagnosed with cancer, are in a state of shock and denial and in need of emotional support, guidance and medical care.

  • The helpline can be accessed by the patients, families and caregivers of the patients. 
  • The helpline handles over 500 calls a month to provide relevant information and counselling services. 

4. Supporting Cancer Patients and their Families-Pain and Palliative Care Clinic
Over the past 20 years, Can Support has also been working towards extending home based palliative care to patients residing in Delhi and the National Capital Region. Their efforts have helped improve the quality of life of patients and the families’ abilities to cope with the illness and death of their loved ones.

  • In partnership with Can Support, the HFC has started supporting a pain & palliative care Clinic for cancer patients & their families. 
  • The clinic is located in Shahdara, near the Delhi State Cancer Institute and Guru Tegh Bahadur hospitals. 

The aim is to enable more people to access the facilities and lead healthier lives by getting proper, timely treatment and care.

5. Promoting Mental Wellness
Mental wellness is crucial for overall well being of all. Poor mental health can become major risk factors for other diseases as well as injuries. With most developing and under-developed countries having abysmal mental care facilities, coupled with strong, irrational belief about mental health taboos, delivering proper care to needy becomes difficult.

To enable access to and improve delivery of mental health care systems, PNB Housing has supported and refurbished a rehabilitation and crisis intervention center run by the NGO- Sanjivini in Defence Colony, Delhi.

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