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Adventure Tourism in Assam

Assam is a beautiful place in the north eastern region of India and is a tourist hub. Well, there are reasons for it. The beautiful topography of the state with beautiful hills and rivers make it an attraction for adventure, fun, and frolic. People look forward to visiting this place with friends and family to have the best time of their lives. A major attraction in Assam is the adventure sports they offer. You name it and they have it. You can go for some land and water adventure sports since both can be done in the most thrilling way in this state of Assam. Adventure tourism has been in vogue for a lot of years and is continuing to grow to its utmost limit. Let us dive into the kind of adventure sports you can explore in the beautiful state of Assam.

Trekking at Karbi and Cachar Hills for trekking
If you want to go trekking, then these hills are the best place to do so. You can go trekking and several camps are also arranged over here for the trekkers. You do not have to be experienced to go trekking. Even novice trekkers can have equal fun. Mountain climbing is also available and the Elephant Hill is the best place for the same. Well, the best time for trekking here is from April to October.

Kayaking and Canoeing at Charan Beel
Charan Beel is located in the Moragaon district of Assam and is a beautiful lake with still water. You can go kayaking and canoeing for an entire day here. There are several packages available and you can choose the best one for yourself.

Motorcycle Expedition at the Northeast
This is a fun-filled motorcycle adventure ride through the hills and valleys of Assam. You start your bike ride and continue for 5 days and 4 nights in some stopovers. It is really fun and you would not have enough of it.

Parasailing and Hang gliding
Parasailing has also gained a lot of popularity as it is also a perfect adventure sport. This sport is carried out mostly near Guwahati which has a lot of open spaces. Hang gliding is also another fun adventure and the Kamakhya hills and Kaziranga forest are the best places for this adventure.

Waterfall Rappelling at Amsoi
Waterfall Rappelling is a fun adventure sport at Amsoi and it is one of the most thrilling adventure sport you can experience. It would be fun to experience the cold water against your skin and feel refreshed.

River Rafting and Boating
Brahmaputra river is the most thrilling river where river rafting can be carried out. River rafting is an adventure sport where rafts are used to glide over the cold waves of the river. It is one of the most famous sport. Boat racing is also another sport which is equally famous. Brahmaputra, Manas, Jia bhoroli and Kapili are the venues where these water sports are practiced.

Adventure at Amchung Wildlife
You can have some fun adventure exploring the Amchung Wildlife. You can go rappelling. Rock climbing, zip lining and jumarring. The wildlife sanctuary begins after Khanpara and is a huge one. You can spend the entire day in this sanctuary and have loads of fun.

Have some real fun at Basitha Reserve Forest
Basitha Reserve is also a place for some real time fun where you can have fun trekking, rock climbing, and rappelling. You can start your trekking towards Garbhanga forest and waterfalls. You can have a full day of activity over here and indulge In some fun times here.

Bird watching and sightseeing near Guwahati

You can go on a 4-hour journey near Guwahati and enjoy a lot of activities specifically bird watching and also you can get to see a lot of migratory birds. You can also go for angling and archery which is super fun.

Beat the heat at Accoland amusement park
There are several water rides you can enjoy at Accoland Amusement park and also enjoy bird watching for an hour. You can have unlimited fun at this amusement park.

Forest trek at Nameri National Park
If you want to enjoy a forest trek with a lush green surrounding, this place is for you. This national park can make you have some good fun.

Explore wildlife in the Northeast
This is a huge potential for tour exploring Sunderbans, Kaziranga National Park, Manas National Park and Nameri National Park. You can indulge in a lot of exotic activities such as elephant rides, canopy walks, cruise, mountain trail, jeep safari, and rafting. Enjoy these activities to your heart’s content and take your camera along for some awesome clicks.

Explore the tea gardens and play golf
If you want to play golf, then go to the tea gardens of Assam and have some real fun playing and exploring the tea gardens. All the golf courses have 9 holes and you need to experience it all.

Cycling in Assam
You can cycle through the villages, rainforests, tea gardens and paddy fields of Assam and even meet the villagers who would definitely welcome you to their homes. This is an adventure mixed with your journey through the length and breadth of Assam.

Elephant rides at Kaziranga National Park
You can surely enjoy the elephant rides at Kaziranga national park and can also spot some rare wildlife such as the Rhinoceros. Now that is a real adventure, isn’t it?

Having discussed these adventures, you will just be at your best mood. You can even go for your honeymoon and enjoy some of these adventures with your better half.

There are several tour packages available over here and you can book the best ones at reasonable rates. Explore the websites and you would be there at the click of a button. Good hotels are also booked by the tour agencies for a comfortable stay. The hotels are luxurious and have all the good facilities. Come and explore Assam.

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