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Design Info Announced The Pantone Color Of The Year

Every year, Design Info chose the color that reflects the current trend. In the following year, the color has influenced the design in architecture, interior d├ęcor, fashion, food, travel and much more. This year the color in inspired by nature. Green is the color of the year 2017. Green refers to the beginning of a fresh new year. It has been inspired by the changing trend of healthy food resolutions, going green and vegetarian trend. The World is becoming increasingly global and expected to see the bold color patterns

About the Company

Design Info is the textile print studio which supplies custom color trend report, fashion latest trends, style and accessories patterns. Design Info has experience for more than 40 years in the fashion color industry.  The company focus on the next generation fashion and trends where artist and designer work to create color trends. It is the biggest supplier in the Asia for Fashion Forecast magazine which is regulated from the small publisher to global customers and big outlets. According to the report Design Info sources 25000 textile designs each season. Over 1000 companies related to leather, textile, wallpaper, paint, bags, shoe etc are inspired from their design patterns. It has the wide network of textile designers, graphic and surface designers all over the world. Design Info pride itself in supplying color trend reports every year.

What is Pantone all about?
Pantone is the standard color matching system. Individual colors are identified by a certain number which does not match with each other. Manufacturer all over the globe selects the Pantone number color. When design enters production, designers are able to match the specific color with the designs. This Pantone matching system is used by graphic designers and printing industry traditionally now almost all the industries are using this system. Pantone TCX is basically the sub category of Pantone fashion home and interiors.

Pantone TCX is used for the colors for the fabric of cotton. It has four books; the books differ on the basis of size and contain almost similar colors. Pantone TCX colors are used for the fabric and it gives real and actual color just like the fabric. Many designers use this book to refer the colors for the leather, textile, home, furnishing, fashion, interiors etc.

There are more Pantone TCX sub categories like

• Panton TCX swatch library has 6 books in size 2*2 inch

• Pantone TCX cotton passport comes in small size book.

• Cotton TCX Cotton planner is budget family comes in 1.6 cm *1.6 cm size

• Cotton TCX cotton chips metal binder book in 1*1-inch size.

• TCX swatch cards are very large in size.

How is Design Info different?

For the normal person so much color detailing is of less important whereas for many industries and for designers it is the language of colors. Design Info has the online website from where people all over the globe from textiles, garments, retail, printing, tiles, wallpapers and many can buy the catalogue or magazines. Design Info offers a wide range of print, texture, magazines which help the designer to create a trendy design. It has the wide range of books including Pantone color books, RAL color charts, Fashion Forecast Magazines, Color and Trend Magazines, Logos & Graphic books, Print, Design and Texture books. Apart from these products Design Info excels in the customer service by providing fastest cash delivery in one day. It uses the best courier companies like FedEx and Bluedart. It provides various offers and discount on online orders. The colors are influenced by the trends all over the globe.


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