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Chromozome Extreme Sport Range Review

Sweating is good but stinking could be embarrassing. Therefore, Chromozome introduces its brand new collection of trendy, affordable and sweat-resistant active wear range, made just for you.

Nowadays, most of us have rigorous workout routines to shred those extra body hugging fat areas and to achieve a carved masculine body. However, what we do not know is that, a wrongly picked gym wear fabric could However, wearing the wrong kind of clothes lowers your own motivation. If clothes are too baggy or old fashioned, you do not even like to look at yourself in the mirrors in the gym. And if they are made from the wrong fabrics, they result in irresistible skin irritations and accumulation of unwanted bacteria caused from heavy sweating, thus making the entire fitness routine, unhygienic and disgusting.

Chromozome believes in high-end innovation ideas and delivery of excellent product quality to provide clothing satisfaction to its customers.

Fortunately, with the advent of new technologies in textile industry, we have designed premium-quality athletic clothing range that will encourage you to stick to your workout sessions without worrying.

You could now easily get away with body odor problems at gym and save yourself from awkward smelly situations.

All the Chromozome Extreme Sports clothes are made in Quick Dry technology, which keep you comfortable and dry even when the workout is intense.

The Extreme Sports range is made of 100% micro polyester that will help you keep cool and stink free for hours. Micro-polyester fiber clothes are new in the market and are best for gym-wear clothing range. The breathability property of the material makes them all-time favorite garments of confident athletes. Also, the light-weight fabric is very popular for its extraordinary moisture-wicking ability that helps in quick drying and keeps you odor free.
The wide range of collection consists of:
·         Evergreen crew neck tee
·         Edgy sleeveless round neck t-shirt
·         Comfy all the garments are made from Quick Dry technology. It is wrong to use this only for the shorts athletic shorts

The Crew Neck Tee:
The crew neck tee comes with reflective C logo imprints on the back and on the neck area. The logo glows in the dark and will give you a trendy and classy look for your next workout session. The tee fits snugly does not sag with sweat, nor does it show wet patches. It keeps you fresh since the moisture dries off as it reaches the tee helps you stay fresh for long. This tee is available at a very affordable price, Rs.499 onwards.

Sleeveless Round Neck:
For those who can carry it off, we also have a round neck muscle tee with no sleeves, that help you show off your arms while still remaining comfortable for a heavy workout. These tees also have a similar reflective logo on the back. These sleeveless tees are available at a very nominal cost, starting at Rs.449 onwards.

Both styles of tees are available in four color options for you to go for. Ranging from basic whites and blacks to cooler looking royal blue and navy blue color choices that will give you an aesthetic and modish impression. These are available in the below sizes:
·         Small
·         Medium
·         Large
·         Extra-large.

Comfy shorts:
Also, the new collection has not overlooked the demand for breathable and perspiration absorbing men’s bottom wears. Thus, we bring to you our sassy range of active shorts equipped with comfortable waistband and adjustable cord. These come along with the branding done on the right hand side zipper for clean and stylish appearance. The shorts are available in two colors, black and navy blue for you to pick.  These are available in below sizes:
·         Small
·         Medium,
·         Large,
·         Extra-large
·         Double XL sizes.

While performing moderate to heavy physical training sessions, our body breaks out in sweat heavily, thus makes the fabric wet and uncomfortable to wear. These garments could help you get rid of those unpleasant sweat patches that appear in the armpit or on the surface of your t-shirts and pants. Since these garments are made of micro poly fibers, they make them easy to stretch in all the direction and could naturally fit to any body type.

The garments are easy to wash and maintain. You can wash the clothes in warm water using mild detergents. Avoid using fabric softeners as they could clog the micro fiber pores and could result in stiffness of the material. To ensure that the fabric lasts long, always air-dry the clothes for material to breathe naturally. Rest no other heavy maintenance is needed.
The wait is over now!

Get rid of those sweaty and unhygienic clothes. Try out the new Chromozome Extreme Sport range and see the surprising results. Truly, fashion and functionality meet and we hope we remain your fitspiration with our new range, body will thank you for taking care of it and keeping it sweat and odor free.

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