Friday, December 2, 2016

Things You Need To Know About Everest Base Camp Trek in 2018

If you are planning a trek to Everest Base Camp in 2018, then kindly checkout some of basic things to make sure that you have a fruitful and delighted time on this beautiful trek to the base of the world’s highest mountain.

Everest Base Camp Trek

These are mine basic things for a trekker to know about Everest base camp. Check out for Finding, Planning and Booking Everest base camp treks and enjoy huge discounts.

1. First Train Before you go : The trek to Everest Base Camp is a spectacular walk through the world eminent aisle to Mount Everest. However, you do need to be physically and mentally fit and have exquisite strength, stamina and endurance to be able to complete the trek and have fun during the journey.  I would recommend that you spend at least thrice a week doing some physical exercise (i.e. pushups, chinups and yoga) for approximately 5 to 6 months prior to you starting your Everest Base Camp trek.

2. Be Prepared Mentally : Depending on your comfort level with the outdoors, you may need to prepare yourself for life in cliff.  Fortunately, I am a big time travel enthusiast of the outdoors and really like the mountain life, including camping and all the stuff!

3. Slow and Steady : When taking on a challenge like hiking to Everest Base Camp trek, or any mountain climbing, you have to remember that it is slow and steady marathon, not a quick sprint. So, I would recommend you to go through’s FAQ’s

4. Trekking Tips : First of all, for all the beginner trekkers, trekking with an experienced guide is highly recommended to deal with any kind of medical emergency. Then, one should be affiliated with  a trekking agency that would take care of all the permits and other requirements before the trek, to avoid any kind of hindrance during the trip. Carrying cash is another aspect as ATMs are hard to find at that part of the country.

5. Enjoy Yourself : The most crucial thing to remember is that you are on holiday, relax, have fun, and enjoy yourself! There is always a lot of spare time when on a trekking trip like Everest Base Camp.  You generally walk anywhere from 6-8  hours a day, with the exception of a few longer days, and therefore have plenty of time when you arrive in the tea houses to relax, rest, and have a laugh with your fellow trekkers.  Paying careful attention to these basic facts is sure to make your trip easier, convenient and an enjoyable experience.

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