Wednesday, July 1, 2020

‘Unlock’- Horror of the Tech Era

Horror movies have always appealed to me, be it a Bollywood version of Hollywood. However, the Indian version of horror episodes ‘Fear Files’ has actually created a baseline for the terror in the Indian minds. But ‘Unlock: The Haunted App’ a new horror film has been launched on ZEE5 is all set to scare our spirits. Popular TV stars- Hina Khan and Kushal Tandan have been featured in this haunted movie.

Logo Of The Film

The spooky logo of ‘Unlock movie’ sends chills down the spine. It's dark and shady presentation presents the deadly scary version of a horror film. As the name suggests, the film brings the dark side of the social media web to the limelight which many people are unaware of.

Source: India Today

Cast Of The Film

Directed by Debatma Mandal, the film has a powerful star cast including the popular Television stars Hina Khan as Suhani (lead role); and Kushal Tandan as Amar. Both will be seen together for the first time on-screen. The film also features the former Miss India World 2015, Aditi Arya who will be essaying Ridhi along with Rishabh Sinha as Anubhav.

Image Source: ZEE5

Fresh & Unique Genre

The very unique first-of-its-kind genre of this one of the top horror movies in the Indian OTT industry has already brought it popularity, i.e. Suspense Tech Horror, an amazing fusion of the horror films with the omnipresent technology in the form of mobile phones, apps, and social media. This fresh and titillating genre is itself quite terrific putting everyone into the thoughts of exploration and what’s inside. This Urban Horror also aims to leave an aspirational impact on the minds of the audience.

Ingenious Storyline  

Set in the metropolitan city of Mumbai, the film will explore the shady side of the internet and social media that most people remain oblivious to. This scary movie will make the viewers question themselves, whether they are using the phone or is their phone using. The storyline is full of suspense, love, tension and terror.

Suhani stays with her flat-mate Riddhi and is afraid to lose the man of her dreams, Amar to her flat-mate. The fear of losing, we all know, is the greatest fear and can also push a human being to go beyond the limits to do the impossible. Suhani is trapped in this web of fear and is ready to do anything to keep Amar for herself. She installs a diabolic app off the deep web that grants one’s secret wishes. No wonder, the app is not an easy escape and is going to cost Suhani something more precious.

The Haunted App Turns Devil

The story of the app creates a psychological fear that builds up in the film as the app keeps giving out tasks to Suhani that keep turning more sinister in nature one after another. Every wish granted means another evil task to complete that is sure to transform you both physically and psychology. Things get pretty ugly and the question arises whether Suhani will succeed in her mission or she will be trapped in her own web of dark deeds. As you will watch the movie, you will realize that there is no turning back for Suhani!

You will binge-watch the film as the storyline, characters and the way it has been portrayed will capture your mind and your thinking capability for the time being. You will be so engrossed in the film that it will make you feel like a character. The audience is sure to get a blood rush while watching this horror flick. The horror prevailing in the film will tap into the primal instinct of your brain producing a powerful effect.

The costumes and production design will keep the fashion interest of the audience intact. The cast, genre and the storyline are keeping our hopes high to deliver an unsettling scary experience.

Stay Tuned to explore the Evil on your phones only on ZEE5!

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