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Guddu Of Falana Nagar Is Here To Be Your Child’s Best Friend This Season!

Circus, Animated Series, Kids Show, Cartoon, Moral Story - ZEE5 Original GUDDU- Animated Series is a complete package!

As parents, we are always looking for someone who can teach our child some good lessons. The new ZEE5 Exclusive animated series GUDDU brings some life-long lessons along with unlimited fun and adventure to your child’s life during this lockdown. To make this BACH-PAN time precious, entertaining, adventurous, and full of learning for your child, the Guddu Animated Series on ZEE5 Kids is Non-Stop BachFUN!

The storyline of this GUDDU Animated Series on ZEE5 Kids is simple yet entertaining where Guddu- The lion runs a circus and is also a part of it, takes care of the town, and is always helpful. Just like a perfect Bollywood hero, Guddu as the king of the jungle ensures the safety of all animals and entertains your child with his heroic and magical acts.

This flying lion has a bouquet of talents including action, comedy, fun and a guide.

Yes, you heard it right! Guddu has a magical tail which helps him fly and makes him the hero of all. With all the fun, Guddu is all set to become your child’s best friend.

Before you head on to the ZEE5 platform to explore the series, take a glimpse of the epic child-centred storyline:

Meet Guddu & his gang in the Best Animated Circus Show:

You will be highly amazed to know that Guddu is a vegetarian and fun lion with a big heart! He has a bunch of friends with whom he works in a circus: Bunty and Babli- the flamingo couple, the triplet of Bangla-speaking monkeys- Chugli, Ugli and Googly, the elephant- Ballu, the bear- Honey Aunty, the giraffe- Jiru, lazy Haryanvi Rhinoceros, and others. In the circus and his life, Guddu goes on the new adventure every day to fight any kind of evil in the town. He has a great bond with his friends giving your child the best friendship goals.

Image Source: ZEE5

These characters are not circus performers but the best deal for Guddu as they become Guddu’s secret informers when the policeman shoulders him with the town’s responsibility. This merry band of animals along with Guddu depicts their responsible nature and save the town.

Altering the traditional ‘king of the jungle’ concept we all have in our mind, Guddu shows how a king can be funny, entertaining, save everyone, and the one who always looks good in everyone. The very first episode of this best animated Series Guddu on ZEE5 shows the loving and gleeful nature of the hero!

ENTERTAINING FACT: The hero of the series, Guddu, is voiced by Javed Jaffrey himself, who is also the part of our childhood epic memory as he narrated the most-watched show Takeshi’s Castle.

Lessons your child will learn from Guddu:
  • Shouldering responsibilities
  • Finding good in everyone
  • Stay merry and spread happiness
  • Be a good friend of all

With over 30 episodes in two seasons, Guddu Animated series on ZEE5 for kids brings great fun to your child’s life during this lockdown. Hop on this fun train of ZEE5 kids with your child and we are sure that you will enjoy the serial as much as your child.


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