Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Five must watch educational videos on TikTok today!

TikTok has become a platform to generate content across various spectrums. This year, however, TikTok has become the go-to platform to share educational content amongst the Indian diaspora. While people misconstrue that TikTok is an app for fun, today, it is much more than that. The rise of educational content that is engaging, and fun proves otherwise.

Since the arrival of the #EduTok, it has garnered over 52 billion views. #EduTok has given rise to genre specific educational content with tags such as #EduTokTech, #EduTokLanguage, #EduTokCareer, just to name a few, with users publishing different types of content every day. With TikTok education never stops.

Popular TikTok content creators such as Urmi Pandya and Dr. Animesh have also shared educational videos on health and fitness tips with their fans. Other creators such as Mridul Madhok and Geet have shared motivational, educational, and healthy habit-related content. Notably, all these TikTok creators have over one million followers.

Here are some popular educational videos you must watch:

English with Rahul: Rahul, a popular TikTok user, has a number of videos where he teaches you how to avoid common mistakes that are made while speaking the English language. One video is about the common mistakes made when we go for a haircut. “People say that they are going to cut their hair, which is incorrect. They should say that they are going for a haircut.”

It’s about Paisa: TikTok user Shobhit Singh has a unique way to remember the names of all the oceans. All you need to remember is the acronym PAISA. PAISA stands for Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Southern Ocean, and Arctic Ocean, he explains.

Tech overdose: One popular section in the EduTok series is EduTokTech. And ur_smartmaker, a popular TikTok user has used his profile to showcase some wonderful mobile photography tricks and tips with even a budget smart phone. All you need is a little bit of patience and your photographs look extremely appealing, he assures. Follow his profile here.

Simplifying mathematics: Mathematics is difficult, we hear you say. It’s the bane of our existence, is another popular line associated with the dreaded subject where numbers dance before you, threatening you with dire consequences and making you forget the basics of logic. However, you should not have these thoughts, as the fear of maths is a mental block that is created to put fear into you. TikTok user @studyiq_maths shows you a series of videos where the most complex calculations are simplified. You can follow the profile here

Science fundas for you
: TikTok user Khushal has a daily dose of facts that are usually science-based facts. Did you know that your brain produces enough energy to light up a bulb? Or that one day of breathing in Mumbai is equal to smoking 100 cigarettes? These fascinating facts are shared by Khushal on his page that you can follow here.

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