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Is Email list Marketing an Effective part of Digital Marketing in 2018?

Is Email list Marketing an Effective part of Digital Marketing in 2017?

With people having the craze for new technology there is a splendid amount of increase in the number of tech startups and businesses. Some of them come up with really amazing and innovative ideas, but the major problem they face is how to make people aware of them. Although the digital marketing strategies like paid marketing, SEO and SMO are an effective way of making your brand popular or making people aware of them but the most important thing for a business is to drive sales.

It is no doubt that these digital marketing tactics will help you to drive sales but what if you are to promote your marketing campaigns with the senior level executive of other companies that uses or work with the technology similar to yours. The decision making power lies within the hand of the senior executives and you can't approach them with a simple advertisement, the best way to promote your marketing campaigns is the good old fashioned email. Email marketing since its beginning has been proven to drive sales and conversions more effectively than any other digital marketing strategy.

Emails are discreet and are onto the point and can give more brief info to the client or customer than an advertisement. Now, if you have decided that you are going to promote your technology business with email marketing there is one more issue, who will you send these marketing emails to, and how will you acquire their emails? The most simple and easy solution for this is to buy an opt-in technology users email list from email list providers.

There are hundreds of mailing list providers but which will provide the data most suitable for you. If you are in a dilemma then you can go for a company known as EmailonBusiness, they provide opt-in email list and database of various businesses. You can select a list from hundreds of database which will provide you with the name, contact, email, industry, and more information about the person who is on the receiving end of your email.

It is not an easy task for a technology business or startup to create a brand easily especially when there are hundred of competitors in the line with similar ideas or tech. The thing that differs a startup from another is their idea of marketing its product or services, or how they approach the clients or customers. The most important thing when you are trying to scale a business is your networking to other businesses. The first thing a marketing manager will think of is to promote their product or service to the people who uses technology similar to yours. But where can you find them?

This is where the email list providers like Emailonbusiness will help you out. The email database offered by these providers are highly targeted and guarantees up to 90% of data accuracy. The email lists are categorised accordingly such as the type of technology used, geographic location, industry type, etc. Not only that, you can also get the CEO email lists with their database so that you can plan your marketing campaigns accordingly and have much better chance of success. The technology email list will help to save your precious time which you can use to create better b2b marketing campaigns. You can opt for lists like SAP users list, CRM users email list, ERP users mailing database, CEO mailing list, and more based on the type of business you run. While talking to Mr. Prem from Emailonbusiness he told us about his client Quadrigo who opted for their email list and attracted new customers by effectively creating better marketing campaigns as per their businesses.

The email lists can help you drive more sales conversion and leads as they comprise of the database of people who are already using products or services similar to what you offer. Sales conversion through email has the highest rate among all the digital marketing strategies like SEO, content marketing, SEM or paid marketing, and more. These technology users mailing list will help you increase your ROI by targeting the potential lead.

By running a remarketing campaign you can attract your lead by offering some discount or offers and have sales thus increasing the performance of your marketing campaign as well. For small businesses or startup with budget constraint it is hard to invest in paid marketing like google, bing, yahoo, facebook, Instagram and more. So, the email marketing with an opt-in email list is probably the smartest and cheapest marketing strategy to promote your marketing campaigns and have sales conversion.

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