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Demonetization Problems: Money View Helps Find ATM with Cash Near You

Mr. Jagpal Negi is an energetic and spirited bank employee and is working for HDFC bank for past 6 years. He has always been committed to his work timings even in bad climatic conditions.
He has seen people coming in and out of bank for various bank related purposes, from withdrawing cash to personal loan applications etc.
However, he has barely seen such a continuous and aggrieved rush of people in his bank office in the past 6 years than that he has witnessed after the demonetization of 500 and 1000 rupees notes in the last month.
Nowadays, Mr. Jagpal has no time to take lunch breaks and has to do overtime almost every day to address the problems that people are facing due to demonetization.
He watches people rushing to ATMs, fighting to get cash every day, and what makes him sad is that he cannot do anything to help the common man.
The queues outside the ATMs are still too long and people feel broken and disheartened when they reach the ATMs and the money gets exhausted by then.
Mr. Jagpal says, “I feel helpless when I see poor people coming into the bank to withdraw money and we have to send them back saying that even the bank is out of cash now.”
So, the only option left with the people every day is to stand in the never-ending ATM queues in unfavorable weather conditions and wait for their turn to get in-hand cash to pay the monthly bills. Standing in those queues with a feeling of insecurity that by the time they would reach the machine the money would be left or not.
Wait, but, for what?
We have a good news for you and Mr. Jagpal that would bring peace to everyone.

Recently, Money View, India’s favourite Money Manager, has launched a new feature that will inform you about the nearby working ATMs that have cash available in them. The app has a large user base of more than 5 million people spread across 200 cities in the country. The app fetches the data by crowdsourcing from its user base and pops up an alert on your phone about information on the nearest working ATMs where you could go and get the cash in less time.

It also populates the information about the ATMs installed in Big Bazar, nearest petrol pumps and inox cinemas, where the queues are comparatively shorter than the ATMs on the roadsides.

Moreover, in case you are using your laptops or desktops in offices or homes, Money View app gives you the flexibility of searching for the open and working ATM using the online link find-ATM-with-cash. Here, you have to enter the location name where you currently are and the link will show you the active ATMs along with the information on the queue sizes as short, medium or long.

Money View app has really made it simple for many people as it has helped people by providing latest updates and information on alternative working-ATMs and as a result has helped in saving a lot of time and effort.

The app is available for all the android 4.0 versions and above platforms. All you need to do is download the app from Google play and enter the location name which you want to search. The app will then display the usable ATMs in the vicinity.
As suggested, it is always good to check the app before leaving from homes or offices as doing this will reduce the efforts and efficiently help you to manage the time in a busy working schedule.
We have shared the app with Mr. Jagpal, and he has immediately shared the app with many friends and relatives he knows. He says that the app works really good and now that he has it, the negative effects of demonetization has reduced down for him and the people with whom he has shared the app.
Of course, we all have faced many different issues during the demonetization phase, and are still facing them, however, as a long-term effect, demonetization will surely remove corruption in India and will do justice to many people who work hard and pay their taxes.

Find ATM with cash:

Money View (website):

Download App:


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