Sunday, May 14, 2017

Aptoide - Ideal Marketplace to Download Apps for Smartphone Devices

Alike Google play store which is having a great and immense popularity across the globe, Aptoide is the 2nd largest app marketplace after Google play store, which will let you download apps for Android and iOS devices. It is a distributed marketplace for mobile applications which runs on the android operating system. In Aptoide, unlike the default Google play store there is no unique and centralized store but each user manages their own store. a Hence, Aptoide has solved many significant issues for the iOS application development and especially the android app development companies. Aptoide is an indispensable marketplace where you can download apps of your choice, you can count Aptoide as the biggest rival of Google Play store.

Why to choose Aptoide App:

Do you know? What usually is looked up by the customer while selecting any app? Basically, the cost is a major issue. Mostly users want to use an app for free of cost. But unfortunately, only some of the apps on the play store are free. Whereas, Aptoide is one such marketplace where you will get all the apps for free of cost. Presently, Aptoide is a platform which is growing to great extents. The most important thing which makes it more popular is that most of the paid apps in google play store are available here at free of cost without spending any charges for the apps. There are many advantages of using Aptoide instead of Google Play Store:


• Cost free - Aptoide is one such app which provides many apps for free of cost, hence without spending a single penny you can enjoy all the latest games and apps.

• Countless applications - The biggest advantage of using aptoide is that you can find applications that are not available or are removed from the play store.

• Simple to install - This is also the chief advantage of Aptoide that It is so simple and easy to install and use on other platforms counterpart indies applications, Also we do not need to be root to have it and install the applications from the store.

• Resists Up gradation – This is also a accurate benefit of aptoide that alike google it resists time to time upgradation. Besides, unlike, Google does not make an automatic update apps but let us decide how and when to update it.

• No region lock for applications - This is also a great benefit in Aptoide that there is no region lock for applications, so from anywhere in the world can access all the applications in the easiest way and companies like The Nine Hertz benefit from this.

Final Verdict:

I hope that you might like it and also understand fully about the great and advantageous benefits of using Aptoide instead of Google play store. Above we have discussed it thoroughly about the adverse effects and benefits of Aptoide. In my view, Aptoide will be preferable and beneficial in respect to google play store.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

B2Badda Revolutionising the Business of Bulk Buying - an E-distribution platform for SMEs, B2B and General Trade business has brought in the ease of e-distribution to the old and archaic system of offline distribution network. Buyers are getting a respite from door to door price checks, never-ending negotiations, delays and many other hassles of offline distribution. The user-friendly website and mobile app of is a ray of hope in making the B2B business dealings much more efficient, transparent and organised.

The brands, sellers and buyers can easily manage their dashboard panel on their own. That saves a lot of time that is otherwise wasted in repeated inventory, pricing, product uploads, etc.’s major focus areas are retailers, SMEs, B2B and GT. The platform’s reach will very soon be deeper, much more comprehensive and detailed as compared to the traditional network.

The Revolutionary Idea

Headquartered in Gurgaon, B2Badda is the leading destination for inspiring, uplifting, and engaging the b2b buyers and sellers. B2Badda offers a choice of huge product range in multiple categories including - mobiles & tablets, kitchen & home appliances, home furnishings, accessories, electronics & IT products. The platform offers its buyers to get the best deals from more than 255 brands selling more than 7000 products through the platform.

Since its launch in January 2017, has experienced explosive growth, becoming the largest B2B platform in its segment in India. With more than 27,000 buyers already registered with the platform, the StartUp targets to have more than 50,000 registered buyers by the end of June 2017. is the only digitally native e-Distribution platform that has garnered such a huge buyer and seller base.

The Brain Behind

The founder of B2Badda - Yogesh Bhatia is a veteran of B2b Industry. He carries a 20 plus years of experience in distribution and B2B, backed by the group company S.G Corporate Mobility Pvt Ltd. which is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company with an exceptional financial rating [CRISIL rating of SME 2].

B2Badda is backed by SG Corporate Mobility Pvt. Ltd & Yagya Techno Solutions Pvt. Ltd earlier known as Mahesh Trading Co. The group started its journey from Haryana and now has its footprints across the country. Established In 1991, the group embarked on a never ending journey to success. All along the way, new hands joined, new ideas blossomed and achievements became a habit. With a strong base in traditional B2B the group forayed into the territory of ‘E-B2B’ and success followed.

Being in the B2B sales business for more than 8 years now and being one of the Largest Tablet PC’s distribution house in India, the company boasts of offices in 14 States across India. The company is operational across India with physical presence and local teams in 14 States.

Talking about the venture, Yogesh Bhatia says, “Our vision is to make B2Badda an E-business bazaar on the lines of wholesale distribution bazaar. We plan to nurture a winning network and to create mutual, enduring value for brands & buyers so that they stay connected for life. We intend to keep sharp eye on the market, work smart, act with urgency, work efficiently, focus on execution and learn from our outcomes.”

“We want to align with our Hon’ble Prime Minister’s vision of DIGITAL INDIA as we aim to convert the existing old-fashioned distribution network into E-Distribution through our website and mobile application” says Yogesh Bhatia.

“To support cash-less economy, payments will be accepted through all Digital channels like Credit/Debit Cards, Digital wallets, Bank Transfers, etc. We are also focusing on to promote the Indian government’s MAKE IN INDIA campaign by highlighting the India-made products on our platforms,” Yogesh Bhatia the founder of B2Badda said.

Telling about the high-points of the platform, Yogesh Bhatia added, “We at b2badda will deal End-to-End in the bulk buying business. We will register the buyers and engage sellers to get orders from them, collect payment, arrange delivery and provide customer support. We are committed to give our users an unmatched, hassle-free B2B experience.”

Potential gains for B2B buyers and sellers
For Buyers - the long list of potential gains for buyers include - one stop shopping, exclusive offers and special discounts, additional volume discounts, 24/7 -365-days ordering facility from any location, one order for several suppliers, detailed product information, access to new suppliers, real-time status review and easy re-ordering, assured fast delivery, different payment options. The feature of credit facility is to be introduced soon.

For Sellers – the sellers on-board too have several advantages on their side. The platform offers a new sales channel to the sellers whilst they are not required to add more physical stores. The platform will help reduce ordering errors, the orders may keep coming on all days - 24/7-365-days. The platform offers an outlet for surplus inventory and even the new and smaller players can go national easily using the reach of B2Badda. Efficient inventory management, door-step pickups, assured payments and direct access to corporate and institutional sales are some of the other benefits of B2Badda for sellers.


Gurgaon based, is a leading destination for inspiring, uplifting, and engaging the b2b buyers and sellers. The user-friendly platform and mobile application is designed to get the SMEs, B2B and GT trade in a more organised manner.

Launched in January 2017, has already got more than 27,000 buyers registered with the platform and aims to have more than 50,000 registered buyers by the end of June 2017. Reach of the platform is soon expected to be much deeper, more comprehensive and detailed as compared to the traditional network.

The E-distribution platform for bulk business – B2Badda - offers a choice of huge product range in multiple categories including - mobiles & tablets, kitchen & home appliances, home furnishings, accessories, electronics & IT products. The platform offers its buyers to get the best deals from more than 255 brands selling more than 7000 products through the platform.

Monday, May 1, 2017

The role of iOS & Android App Development for a Successful Business

Being a technology lover, you may have great deal of knowledge about the huge importance & need of mobile app development. As we know that, mobile apps are revolutionary changing the web world today, as people are getting engaged with each other through mobile phones.

Mobile apps are playing vast role in many industries. For the great success of any business an organization must have a highly developed website and mobile application in order to evolve their business. There is a plethora of mobile apps available according to the suitability of various work process. If you have a great idea of developing mobile app for your business then, I must brief you about its gigantic need & importance for the prodigious success of the business.

“Smartphones are highly used devices for personal or professional use.”

There are mainly two major platforms that run a smartphone are “Android” and “iOS”.

Android application development

The requisition and importance of android apps are grown in all kinds of enterprises in past few years. The mobile application development space is dominated by the smartphones, and among smartphones, 87.4% comprise of android based devices. There is a significant increase in the demand of android developers who are focused towards developing exciting business applications for making the business easy and favorable.

While developing an android app for business, a successful business person will ensures that how will that app put to good use and generate huge revenue. For that you should be fully aware of the great importance of android apps in the field of business.

There are myriad of benefits of developing an android apps, let’s take a look

Convenience of customer

We are merely aware of the fact that “customer is the king of market”. A business can develop android app for the convenience of customers. There are many interactions that can be done with the help of mobile apps. So, developing a mobile apps for the sake of customers is a great idea for the proper growth & development of business.

Increasing revenue and sales

Profit earning is considered as the main objective of any business. In today’s world, people prefer buying thing online over the conventional method of going into stores. There are enormous online shopping apps available for customers. The apps created by android app development company offers them a chance to shop anywhere or anytime.

Reduces on-premises cost

Business can provide their services through mobile apps and for that you don’t have to pay to the workers for that specific job just pay to the android app development company who will develop an app for you.

iOS application development

Most major apps still launch on iOS first. The iOS is superior to android, it’s just a factor that targeting iOS app development is typically less problematic than an android app. The reasons typically are driven by demographics, cost and speed to market. The majority of iOS users upgrade to the latest OS versions instantly.

Benefits of developing an iOS apps

Better experience and quality: The stick standards that the iOS apps need to be pass to be listed on the app store is one way that apple pushes developers to generate high quality iOS apps. Apple creates a user experience not only on its device but also for the high standards apps available on its ecosystem.

Reach to tech-savvy Audience

For earning adequate profits from business one should fully aware of the latest trends of the competitive market and must satisfy its customers’ expectations. Meanwhile, attracting new customers is also important to boost its sales. IPhone has always been an attractive devices for tech savvy audiences.

Security of firmware and software

One of the major risk of businesses wanting to go mobile is security of their enterprise data. It is of utmost importance for an enterprise that intrusion and hacking of their sensitive data is prevented at any cost. iOS accommodates integrated data handling system, measures implemented against duplication of data, measures implemented against loss of data security and data encryption.

With the proliferation of mobile apps in the business sector developing mobile apps becomes necessity for the smooth flow of any business. In this competitive world, it is a real struggle for you to find an effective and foremost Android & iOS application development company across the globe. But I must inform you it’s not much difficult as you think.

So, accordingly, let me introduce you to the top iOS app development company with customized android app development - The Nine Hertz is an astounding, reliable, and professionalism based iOS & Android app development which is having a brilliant team of highly experienced developers working with high motivation to make the difference in the world. It is fully client centric firm.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Delhi6 Food Fest in Radisson Blu Faridabad Broadway 21st to 29th April' 2017

Radisson Blu Faridabad Broadway is one of the finest and best place for foodies of Faridabad.

Yesterday I have attended their ongoing #Delhi6 food fest, which offers an experience of alluring flavors of the old Delhi's street food.

I had old Delhi style chaats, Ganne ka raas, fresh fruit salads, Golgappe, Aloo chat, Dahi Bhalla, Chilla & Allo k paranthe styled in old Delhi way and it reminds me of famous “Paranthe Wali Galli”.

After that I had the main course, delicious grilled fish, boneless chicken, rice.
It is certainly one of the best properties in Faridabad! I had a wonderful experience dining at Radisson Blu Faridabad. For lip-smacking Old Delhi's street food in Faridabad.

Awesome ambiance and brilliant hospitality!

Timings: 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Address: Sector 20B, Mathura Road Faridabad. 121001 Haryana

A note about directions: Opposite Bata chowk Metro Station on Violet line.

You can also go and enjoy #Delhi6 food fest Chandni Chowk Special from 21st to 29th April' 2017 only for INR 2000.

Broadway - Radisson Blu Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato