Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Improving Access to Healthcare

Quality healthcare shouldn’t be a privilege of few but the fundamental right of all. Therefore, PNB Housing supports healthy living for growth and development of the individual, and of the country at large. Through their CSR intervention they aim to reach out to the socially and economically marginalised groups and help improve their access to healthcare through:

1. Providing Infrastructural Support to Government Hospitals
The Indian Constitution guarantees free healthcare to all citizens. Yet, majority of expenditure on healthcare is done out of pocket. This is due to-

  • Limited accessibility to Govt hospitals 
  • Low awareness of health, insurance and other such welfare schemes 
  • Poor or inadequate infrastructure and other healthcare facilities. 

To combat the same, PNB Housing has partnered with All India Institute for Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Delhi and King George’s Medical University (KGMU), Lucknow to improve infrastructure as these hospitals are accessed by people from all walks of life.

The HFC has donated 04 ventilators to the Neurosurgery Sciences Department, AIIMS and extended similar support to KGMU by donating 03 neonatal thermos and 01 transportable incubator to their Department of Pediatrics.

2. Improving Health and Hygiene of Adolescent Girls
India is currently experiencing a demographic dividend as a large portion of the population is under 60 years of age. Within this population, adolescent girls form a particularly vulnerable group as they are in need of awareness and support for their growth and development.

PNB Housing, with their NGO partner- Progress Alternative, have initiated a health and hygiene programme for adolescent girls in four villages of Uttar Pradesh to improve lives of nearly 200 girls through-

  • Reproductive and Child Health Training 
  • Community engagement and awareness generation 
  • Addressing issues of reproductive health, child marriage, family planning etc. 
  • Monthly visits by qualified medical professionals 
  • Provision of subsidized sanitary napkins. 

As conversations around reproductive health are considered a taboo in most areas, the girls are also provided with ‘safe spaces’ to facilitate these discussions. They are engaged in special courses for- sewing, beauticians, computer training, etc. so that they can be introduced to health issues and at the same time are able to learn new skills that they can later use to become independent and earn a living for themselves and their families. Eventually, this will help the country reap the benefits of the demographic dividend and improve the lives of the adolescent girls.

3. Supporting Cancer Patients and their Families- Helpline
The growing number of cancer patients in India is worrisome. A Planning Commission report estimates that about 2.8 million people have cancer at any point of time and half a million die of the disease each year. Lack of awareness and support adds to the distress of cancer patients and their loved ones.

In partnership with NGO - Can Support, the HFC has been supporting the operational cost of the first cancer patients’ helpline in Delhi.

The helpline-011.26711212 is a medium to reach out to those who have been suspected of or diagnosed with cancer, are in a state of shock and denial and in need of emotional support, guidance and medical care.

  • The helpline can be accessed by the patients, families and caregivers of the patients. 
  • The helpline handles over 500 calls a month to provide relevant information and counselling services. 

4. Supporting Cancer Patients and their Families-Pain and Palliative Care Clinic
Over the past 20 years, Can Support has also been working towards extending home based palliative care to patients residing in Delhi and the National Capital Region. Their efforts have helped improve the quality of life of patients and the families’ abilities to cope with the illness and death of their loved ones.

  • In partnership with Can Support, the HFC has started supporting a pain & palliative care Clinic for cancer patients & their families. 
  • The clinic is located in Shahdara, near the Delhi State Cancer Institute and Guru Tegh Bahadur hospitals. 

The aim is to enable more people to access the facilities and lead healthier lives by getting proper, timely treatment and care.

5. Promoting Mental Wellness
Mental wellness is crucial for overall well being of all. Poor mental health can become major risk factors for other diseases as well as injuries. With most developing and under-developed countries having abysmal mental care facilities, coupled with strong, irrational belief about mental health taboos, delivering proper care to needy becomes difficult.

To enable access to and improve delivery of mental health care systems, PNB Housing has supported and refurbished a rehabilitation and crisis intervention center run by the NGO- Sanjivini in Defence Colony, Delhi.

Friday, October 26, 2018

Gripping Facts and Essential Information About Motor Insurance

Basically, motor insurance or vehicle insurance is the insurance which protects the owner from the theft and damage to the vehicle. It is available for two wheelers and four wheelers both. There are some essential facts that one should know about them. Read them below and make yourself updated.
What is all included in this insurance?
It is very important to know what this policy include and what all it covers. The main covers are given in the points below:
  • The damaged which happens due to accident, malicious acts, storms, floods etc to your vehicle.
  • Theft of your new vehicle.
  • The accident cover is also available but only for owner-driver in the motor insurance.
  • What do these motor insurance not cover?
  • The mechanical or electrical breakdowns.
  • Damaged caused by a person in the condition of intoxication.
  • If there is an accident or damaged to the vehicle by a person who is driving without a proper driving license, then no cover is provided to the owners in such a situation
  • If the damaged to the vehicle is caused outside India.

How To Buy Motor Insurance For A New Car?
The first thing to know here is that one does not have to necessarily buy the insurance from the showroom representatives. There are other places available from where one can buy this insurance. The best option at the present time to do it to buy the insurance fro online. This is because one can cut a lot of premium cost from this. Moreover, there are insurances which are available for second-hand cars as well. So, you can secure your pre-owned and second-hand cars as well under the insurance.

What Add-Ons Are Available?
Many people ask for ways to increase their motor insurance. Yes, it is possible to do so. These can be done by add-ons which in turn increase the financial coverage on your vehicle. Two popular add-ons that you can opt for are briefed below:
Engine and Gear Box Protection: In case any loss happens in your engine or gearbox, the add-ons will cover the cost which will be associated with repair and replacement. The engine is one of the most important parts of any vehicle and this is why this cover is highly recommended and preferred.
Zero Depreciation: When a claim of motor insurance is made on vehicles, the zero depreciation is calculated. Then according to the depreciation value, the cost is paid. Usually, the full amount is paid under he zero depreciation add-on. This simply means whatever is the repair cost, it is covered under the motor insurance totally.

Car Insurance Calculators
These calculators are available on the insurer's website and you can access them easily from there to calculate about your own motor insurance. What is no claim bonus, what you can get as an advantage money etc is information which you can get from these calculators? If you have any additions in your insurance claims, all these record keeping is stored in these calculators.
Check out more about Car Insurance by Brajesh Kumar Singh

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Treat Yourself to a Lazy Day in Rajkot

A holiday essentially translates to an exotic beach destination or a mystical mountain hamlet. And why wouldn’t it be? When our country is endowed with such natural wonders, it is quite justified for travelers to seek respite whenever they need a break from the monotony of life. But have you ever wondered how it would be to escape to another town or a city, a little less maddening than the major metros, and spend a lazy day? For a different kind of holiday, Rajkot in Gujarat can be an interesting destination.

How to reach

The best way to get to Rajkot is to rent a car from Ahmedabad (you can fly down till Ahmedabad) and reach your destination in less than four hours.

Where to stay

There are a plenty of hotels, homestays, and guest houses spread around the city. But when you are out to relax and unwind, you would want to indulge in a heritage property or a resort, or a luxurious accommodation like the Heritage Khirasara, The Imperial Palace, or the Regency Lagoon Resort.

What to see

Jubilee Garden

Sitting right at the center of the city you will find a huge garden lined with trees, and tended pathways. The Jubilee Garden is one of the most beautiful aspects of Rajkot and is a picnic hotspot for families and travelers alike. There’s also an amusement park within the premise for younger visitors. 

Watson Museum

Within the Jubilee Garden, you will also find the Watson Museum. Named after a British official, this museum preserves the history of Rajkot from its princely state days. Browse through the artifacts and relics, dating back to 13th century, ancient manuscripts, sculptures, coin collection, old textiles, and more. There are also artifacts from the Indus Valley Civilization, excavated in the Saurashtra region.

Kaba Gandhi No Delo

Literally translated as ‘Gandhi’s house’ place is no less than a shrine for followers of the great leader. This is where Mahatma Gandhi spent the early years his life, between 1881 and 1887, when his father served as the Diwan to the king of Rajkot.

Rotary Dolls Museum

This museum serves as a collage of international cultures and houses dolls and figurines donated by 93 countries around the world! Each country represents its art, culture, and history through model representation. There is also the Cinematheque- a theater for children, showing documentaries and educational films.

Lal Pari Lake

About 5 Km outside the city, sits the crystal blue lake, surrounded by abundant greenery. A hub of migratory birds, this lake area is a must-visit if you are traveling in winter.
Aji Dam Garden

A little outside the city limits, the Aji Dam Garden makes for a great place spend a holiday with family. The huge dam built on a lake is flanked by an amusement park, food courts, an aviary, a mini zoo, and a reptile park.
To eat

No matter which part of the state you are in, you cannot but miss the zesty snacks, sinful sweets, and the lip-smacking savories that are quintessentially Gujarat. When you roam the streets of Rajkot a few names like Ghughra, Bateta, Bread Katka, Dabeli etc. will resonate in your ears.

Here are a few places to find the best street-side chow down in Rajkot:

• Sarveshwar Chowk, Yagnik road

• Khau Gali (translated ‘Eat Street’), near Soni bazar

• Racecourse ground

• Ring road

• Raiya Chowkdi

• The road opposite the SNK University

And thus goes a day in the fourth largest but peaceful city of Gujarat. With relaxing retreats, good food, and cheerful people, you can be sure to have a truly lazy holiday!

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Self Employed! This housing finance provider can lead you to your dream home

Taking House Loan No More a Cumbersome Process 

Are you a self-employed person who is planning to purchase a home? Well, we’ll love to be the beacon of light to help you pave the way!

Having a house you can call your home is something that we all dream of but, finances often take a toll when you think of leaving your rented accommodation for a place of your own, especially when you are self-employed. As soon as you finalize your decision of purchasing a house, fathomless questions start popping in your head. Should I take a loan? Which organization should I rely upon? Will my hard-earned not go into vain? Do I need to undergo the SWOT analysis? Well, you need not worry anymore, for new-age housing finance organizations like PNB Housing Finance Limited comes to your rescue!

On an Upward Growth Trajectory

With the passage of time, this public sector housing finance organization is stretching its presence with each passing day; standing testament to its upward growth trajectory.

It has pan India presence in over 60 locations through a vast network of 84 branches and 36 outreach offices as of 31 March, 2018.

As the traditional housing finance companies are unable to bridge the widening gap between the demands & supply of housing loans for the consumers; this organization caters to the self-employment segment. It excels in providing housing loans and loan against property as a part of its product portfolio and also holds the license to accept public deposits.

Carving a Niche, Despite the Odds

With the advent of the massive banking fraud allegedly carried out by diamantaire Nirav Modi and his uncle Mehul Choksi, PNB has seen its market capitalization hit by more than halve; making the audiences skeptical about the accountability of PNB Housing Finance Limited too (as per sources) However, the situation is quite the other way round.

The Independent Housing Finance Entity is reckoned to have more market capitalization . While the market capitalization of Punjab National Bank stood at Rs 20,842.33 crore; that of the PNB Housing Finance was at Rs 21,199.07 crore (as per TOI) As of 21st August, 2018 their share price stands at INR 1395.50, which is increasing day by day. In last few months they have gained the trust of customers and its partners.

Checklist for Speedy Loan Approval

In case of getting your home loan approved, there are certain parameters which need to be checked. For instance, your credit history; the people who have higher down-payment on home buying, adequate savings and good credit score always have a higher chance of loan approval. Other parameters include your loan repayment capacity, total earning in the financial year, property appraisal, and existing loans.

Building an Empire

Tracing the past trends and the financial performance, it seems that PNB Housing Finance is operating on a sound footing and is building from strength to strength with each passing year. The organization’s enhanced technology and modernization in terms of structure & functioning points towards the acceleration and converting their customer’s dreams into a reality.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Top 10 Digital Marketing Techniques to Increase Business Revenue

A business is alive until it can generate leads that bring in revenue, and digital marketing plays a critical role in generating leads. In today's technology-ruled world, a business cannot just create a website or a digital marketing strategy and then forget about it. It needs constant updates, improvements, and growth based on the developments of the industry. Many brands improve their website design, logo design, or brochure design periodically using an online logo maker tool in an attempt to instill new life into the marketing strategy. Specific techniques or hacks can help you move the scales and boost your revenue.

Here are the top 10 digital marketing techniques that will help you increase business revenue:

1. Tap into Influencer Marketing
Influencers help you gain the trust of your audience using someone who has followers. When a prospective user hears/reads an influencer's recommendation, it creates a much more significant impact and encourages the user to consider that brand. For instance, cosmetic companies such as L'oreal and Pantene use actresses and models to endorse their products. Recently, famous YouTuber Superwoman (aka Lilly Singh) was featured in the Pantene Ad.

2. Create contests or giveaways
Organizing contests and giveaways, offering exciting gratifications, are one of the most popular techniques to attract more users. To encourage more users, you can create a compelling deadline to participate. As you gain more engagement and registrations for the contests, you can follow up to convert these potential users as your customers.

3. Offer discounts on registration
Have you ever noticed that certain websites offer discount codes if you register with them or subscribe to their newsletter? This method is great for adding new registered users. As your website visitors register, you can use these leads for personalized ads, messaging, and call to action. A customized advertising experience can be created for the search users with matching the message and consistency, thus driving more results.

4. Amend and update your Follow-up Emails
Businesses often create generic invoices or transactional emails. However, these can be ideal mediums to encourage future sales. You can also add an attractive call to action requesting user for feedback or review which can, in turn, be used as a social media post for showcasing user acceptance and recommendation. This can help increase the engagement without any additional expense.

5. Innovative pop-up placement
Adding a pop-up attracts the attention of a website visitor. Pop-ups can provide an additional boost of encouragement to the user to go ahead with the purchase. Another simple yet effective method of using pop-ups is adding them as the user attempts to exit your website. This provides you with a unique opportunity to convert the visiting traffic.

6. Make sure your content is evergreen and not one-time material
Evergreen content is a significant investment as this content can be created at any point instead of re-creating new content each time. Content is not only restricted to text, create a stunning logo design using an AI-based logo maker or a striking brochure design, and it stays impressive for the time to come. While you might believe that the content is no more impressive, it might not be the case for many of the new visitors. The key is to create an imposing piece so that the users are willing to submit their contact information in exchange for the download.

7. Continually optimize your pricing strategy
Pricing is an important driving factor that helps in generating as well as converting leads. Most of the companies decide upon a pricing strategy and never look back, not realizing that they are missing out on a considerable number of potential leads that are never converted. In order to optimize your pricing strategy and achieve high lead conversions, review your pricing strategies regularly while keeping in mind customer reviews and feedbacks.

8. Improve your checkout page
A checkout page is often taken for granted while creating a web design. This is the last point of engagement with a customer and must be tackled carefully. Asking extensive and irrelevant information might discourage the visitor. Keep the fields limited to only the necessary information. Another great way of improving the customer experience on the checkout page is through providing a quick checkout option instead of compelling them to register. While these changes might seem minuscule, they have a significant impact on the sales.

9. Spread the word with Video Marketing
Video marketing is slowly changing the face of digital media, especially when it comes to social platforms. From stories, live videos and posts, you can see video marketing taking over the newsfeeds. Videos are great to showcase product features, reviews and even tutorials for the applications of a product. Once you create a product feature video content, you can also create a lead capture form which requires the user to input their information. This information can not only be used for closing the sale smoothly but also for consequent follow-ups.

10. Form a strong customer retention strategy
Customer retention is often considered as an added process to be performed post customer acquisition. A smart move is to create an effective customer retention strategy so that the customers are satisfied and come back for more. A loyal customer base not only improves the brand image but also drives more leads through referrals.


Marketers employ various techniques be it eye-catching logo design, website design, or any marketing materials to drive traffic and influence prospective users to convert them into concrete leads. This process often needs constant attention and fine-tuning, but once you nail the method that works for you, half of the battle is won. These 10 techniques will help you make a dent and gain more tangible leads resulting in an increase in revenue.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Top 5 Destinations for Bag-Packers

Planned trips are great, you make a list of to do things and go according to that but there is an excitement when we simply listen to our heart and follow it. Bag packer will understand very clearly the adventure that that bag-packing brings along with it. If you are into adventures, then you got to go for bagpacking trips, because you never know what life has to offer if you don’t taste it once. Here, in this article, we will talk about the best 5 bagpacking destinations you can go to and have fun.


The place which tops our chart is non-other than Goa. There are so many beaches to explore and the colonial structure is hard to ignore. Goa is the perfect place to pack your bags and to be at with a bunch of your friends. Don’t miss out on the numerous adventure activities Goa has to offer. Take a rented bike and ride across the city. Eat your heart out and party with your peeps. There are just too many things to do in Goa. You can come here anytime but our suggestion would be to avoid coming here during the monsoon. Also, while you are in Goa, you must visit Ancestral Goa, Palacio Do Deao, Cabo de Rama fort, Viceroy’s Arch, Ruins of Nossa Senhora de Saude, and Goa sunset sightseeing. After visiting Goa, if you fail to find a good hotel, then you can check it out in Trivago and since you would like to save money, try Trivago India coupons and book a hotel for an ever-lesser price.

Spiti Valley

Spiti Valley is in Himachal Pradesh and 12,500 feet above the sea level. If you want to have an experience of a lifetime and if you enjoy mountains and snow, then you should visit Spiti Valley once. This place is marked as one of the coldest places in India. People, who love to trek would fall in love with the different kinds of trekking trails it has to offer. The residence of Tabo and Ki monasteries is worth seeing. You won’t be able to travel during the winter, because it gets filled with mountain, therefor summers become the perfect weather for travellers to trek here.


One of the most loved hill station Munnar is popular for its tea gardens and estate, the picturesque scenery and the lush green peaks making it the best place to be in Kerela. You will fall in love with the mother nature here. When the fresh air will strike your soul and the cool breeze will embrace you like a soft blanket, you won’t find words to describe this beautiful experience. Do watch KalariKshetra, go for nature and wildlife tours, Kundala Dam Lake, and more. Feel energised and give yourself a long break from the hectic schedule you were letting yourself be into.

When you are all about nature and want nothing else in life to be at a place which has to offer picture perfect view, you got to visit Dharamsala once. The lush green forest full of deodar and pine treesis just mesmerizing. This is the place for the holy Dalai Lama. Go to a monastery and sit there for as long as you want and be a part of the monks chanting. You can visit Namgyal monastery to give your heart a treat. There is no entry feeto visit this place and is perfect when you soul desires some peace. McLeod Ganj, the place which is perfect for natural photographers also it has to offer a lot of visiting points. If you are at Dharamsala then make sure to visit McLeod Ganj once at least. Kareri lake, a place not unexplored untouched by the human is the perfect place to go for a campaign. Since you can’t reach here by car or bikes, the only possible way to reach here is by trekking. People who wish to go to Dharamsala and who love to trek, they usually halt here at one of the camps and enjoy a good time. Do visit Kangra museum and fort. Go to Dharamsala today by booking your flight ticket from Akbar travels and since you would like to spend the minimum, try using Akbar travel promo codes and save a lot of money.

Dzukou valley Pack your bags and head out to Dzukou valley, a small valley in Nagaland which is full of adventures. This is by far the best trekking place in Nagaland. Only when you will trek for 2-3 hours to reach your destination crossing long trees and bamboo treess, you will understand why this is one of the best trekking experience to have. You will find a large number of floras. The perfect place to experience the gift by mother nature. While trekking you will cross many clean water streams and birds chirping which will give you an experience of a lifetime. Don’t forget to get a permit to visit here. Best time to visit Dzukou valley is during September and October.