Monday, June 11, 2018

Maple launches e commerce website exclusively for Apple Products & Accessories

Apple is a world leader in Tech products. Apple PC, Mobiles etc Are not just products rather style statement for people. But buying original Apple Products and Accessories is a difficult task, we all always want a trusted and brand authorized seller to make our purchase 100% authenticated and original.

To make your purchase experience the best and to provide you the original Apple products at lowest price Maple an authorized reseller of Apple products has launched an online shopping website "" from where you can buy all the Apple Products and Maple's Apple Accessories at Discounted price with the trust of authentication.

Maple sells Apple Products only and its first flagship store was open back in 2010 at Bandra, Mumbai. Now they are not only selling Apple Products to end users but they are also providing these products to enterprise, institution as well as organizations. Their clear vision is if you want an Apple, must think of Maple.

Coming to website, Maple Online Store is a one stop destination to buy all apple products such as, iPhone, iPad, Mac PCs, Apple Watches, TVs . Apart from Selling Apple products they are also have wide variety of Apple accessories to fulfill your daily need such as Adapter and Cables, Iphone/Ipad Cases and Protection, Keyboard, Mouse and trackpads, Software , Networking devices and much more. And the best part about this website is that they are offering huge discount on All Apple Accessories. 

So If you are a Apple Product owner or planning to buy a new apple product, you must visit .

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Saturday, June 9, 2018

Don’t Just Gift Products, Gift Memories

Gifts are sharing of sentiments and personalised gifts are a huge player in this field. They hold more value in the hearts of the receiver. A personalized gift adds a different flavour to the relationship. Never should a chance be missed to express your love and care for your special someone. Making someone feel special is a reason in itself to gift someone. The receiving end feels special and each gift has special message to deliver. It signifies the importance of the person in one’s life.The contentment of the receiver results in the gratification of the giver as well. Gifts portray the role they play in the giver’s life. The size or the cost of the gifts hardly matter these days. Materialistic items are more trending. People nowadays, confuse gifting with pecuniary stuff. But gifting is beyond that.

PortraitFlip is the ultimate stop for such sentimental gifts. PortraitFlip turns your fond memories into beautiful paintings. What could be more beautiful than expressing your feelings through colours? Best time spent with your loved ones are well etched in our hearts. But these memories might fade away with time. 


What a great idea it is to rewind through your memories by such souvenirs. The timeless love being expressed through the colours enhances your relationship by recollecting the moments. Such flash ons have a positive effect every individuals. The wonderful connection shines through the thoughts put into to give such a personalised gift. Such gifts can be given to a person of any age group.

Some of our Completed gifting products are shown below. You can also see a list of their completed orders.

All sorts of customized paintings are done here and for any occasion. They offer a vast variety of medium as well as size of the portrait. The various mediums include oil painting, watercolours, acrylic colours, coloured pencil, pencil sketch or charcoal sketch. Sizing option is available to suit your requirements. Every medium brings out a different beauty of the portrait and PortraitFlip helps you enhance the quality in every way.

To order, you just need to upload your fond picture and select the medium and size. You are notified via email when the painting starts. After the completion of the painting, its sent to the customer for approval. If the customer require any revision, we welcome the suggestions wholeheartedly. The product is not shipped until the customer is completely satisfied.

Be it Birthdays, Anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine's Day or any other special occasion; PortraitFlip happily customizes your portrait to make your gift very special and touching for your loved one. 

PortraiFlip has to offer free shipment worldwide. Complete customer satisfaction is guaranteed. They assure 100% money back without asking any questions in case of a dissatisfied customer. Each artist give in their best for the smile of our happy customers. They have superior customer services and exceptional product value. With a multi-tire quality check process and lowest prices guaranteed, PortraitFlip definitely is the best website for this job. 

What could be more satisfying than having your favourite moment framed and put up to be looked at and cherished forever? Each gift symbolize the beautiful relation shared between the giver and the receiver. The wonderful connection shines through the thoughts put into to give such a personalised gift. Such gifts can be given to a person of any age group. Thus, when you think portrait, you think PortraitFlip.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

The Love for Cricket Online Fantasy Game in India

What an amazing craze the sports cricket has all over the world. People just love the game and also the players. The players like MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli , Chris Gale have today became superheroes of little children who are deeply in love with this game. This love for cricket has given birth to many cricket games. One of the topmost names in this arena is Fantasy League.

This Fantasy Cricket Game is becoming popular at a fast pace. People are just glued to their Play Stations, mobile phones, and their PCs because they are enjoying the game to the utmost extent. The weather conditions and the unavailability of the stadiums and professional cricket accessories are no more the obstructions for cricket aficionados in the world today. They can enjoy their cricketing in the online world which is no less than a real experience. Below we highlight the main reasons why people are in love with the Fantasy Game so much.

Awesome Graphics and Sounds
The awesome graphics and sound quality make people feel that they are in the field themselves. The players look real and the weather conditions too. The sound of the ball, the cheer of the crowd and the movements of the players are so real that you will forget that it is just an online game. The aforementioned stuff will make you immersed in your cricket world and this is more than a boom for the crazy cricket fans.

Own Leagues
Everyone is not a millionaire that he/she can create his/her own league in the real world. But by Playing Fantasy Cricket Game Online, you can create your own leagues. Is not is like a dream come true? The method is also damn simple. Just go and choose the upcoming match and send the invites to your friends. Make sure that friends are also registered on the online gaming platform in this area. You will be charged very little amount as a fee. But that is worth it. After this, enjoy your own league and be the proud owner.

Cash Prices
Call it a motivation or a thrilling factor, but today there are a substantial number of people who are accepting the challenges related to this game. Fantasy Cricket Game gives a fantastic option for playing and getting money. There are targets and challenges that you can create or is created by your friends in this gaming world. Also, some of such prize and goodies winning challenges are created by the platform owners itself. Fight and achieve your targets here and win money. It is really fun. More and more people today are accepting challenges and are making decent money.

No Physical Work
This is true for all cricket games in the online arena. When you play cricket with good graphics, sounds etc. young in real feel as good as you would when you play in real. You do not have to exude a lot of energy and then become extremely tired. But you can feel the same thrill and excitement. So playing online fantasy league does not take your much physical strength but still, give you the enjoyment that one feels in the cricket stadium.

Friday, May 4, 2018

Seven Key Trends in Digital Marketing Industry in 2018 [ Case Study ]

Digital marketing, being a prominent marketing strategy, has grown a strong base across the globe. Organizations, when building a site to promote their brand, make sure to hire professionals who help them reach the target audience effectively. But the same isn’t true when it comes to newbies in market.

As they feel restricted in the budget department, chances are that hiring a professional may not be easy for them. So, what do they do? Do they simply give over the SEO factor on their website, when it can truly help them reach their target audience effectively? Or do they try it themselves?

Even if they do try it out themselves, they will need professional guidance. You can consult a digital marketing consultant or do a course from a digital marketing institute from your city.

Moreover, they need to stay updated with the latest trends in the digital marketing field as they keep on changing every year to make the user experience more delightful.

In case you are a part of this group and aren’t aware of the key digital marketing trends this 2018, then worry not. We’ve compiled the top 7 key trends list below to make your job simple.

The Seven Key Trends in Digital Marketing This 2018

1. Social Advertising is the New Face of Digital Marketing

There was a time when organic reach helped to reap good benefits for a website and helped it reach its target audience easily. While it still holds a relevance, but it does not garner the same and better results in comparison to social media advertising strategy. In fact, many would point out that this may take up a lot of their budget, but ultimately the one bringing in results will be social media platforms rather than organic reach in the coming time.

2. Boost Customer Experience With Video Marketing

To get visitors on site is not the only target that needs to be achieved today. Building a strong relation while they browse through your site is also essential for a business. And that’s only possible if you work towards boosting customer experience. According to digital marketing experts, 2017 was known to be the biggest year for video marketing.

But 2018, will probably exceed the already set standards as business owners plan to incorporate video marketing to boost every aspect of their customer experience. It is also predicted that by 2020, video marketing will account for 80% of traffic online. That’s why if your website lacks the impressive visuals, then it’s time you work on them now!

3. Let Your Blogs be The Storyteller

There was a time when complicated blog posts use to grab the audience attention and make them come back for more. But with time, that trend has changed. Today, people prefer to read something that not iterates facts, but also tells a story. Something that they can relate with, that depicts their pain points.

That’s also one of the reasons why bloggers believe in posting content that tells a story.

In fact, it is one of the most effective methods to boost customer engagement on the site.

4.    Change Customer Perspective With Chatbot Integration on Site

Once a customer reaches your website, you’ll be proactive to guide them through your website. That’s why you will make sure that the site is designed with them in mind. But

what if they still aren’t able to maneuver and fail to reach that specific product page that they wish to see?

With no active interaction, your customers are likely to leave your site and browse through other service provider’s website in search for their needed service. Question is how do you stop them from leaving your site? Worry not. With the incoming of chatbots on the site you can interact with your visitors, help them browse through your services and change their perspective from being unsure to ‘yes I’m interested’ about this product.

5. Be a Part of the Game-Changing Strategy

With almost everyone carrying their smartphones today, it’s become evident that which device they’ll use to search for a service. From purchasing clothes to groceries, all this happens in a matter of few clicks. This prompt service brings customers closer to the brands. In short, a game changing strategy for you is to focus on creating micro-moments with your customers by providing them instant yet reliable information. But this needs to happen regardless of the location or time barrier.

Your aim should be to provide a more personalized service which is time and location relevant to make the user experience more delightful.

6.     It’s The User Generated Content That Your Customers Will Stick to

It’s a proven fact now that needs no more backing that customers, before purchasing any product or service, review another person’s opinion rather than believing on an endorsement. Consumer opinions shape the mind-set of the prospective buyers, one of the reasons why many brands have gone online to boost their sales effectively. In case you haven’t added testimonials on the site or review threads, then start now!

7. The Growth Hacking Methods Are In

Whenever you feel confused on which approach you should opt for when promoting your site, always rely on the growth hacking methods. By adopting this approach, you’ll

be open to various experimentations for different marketing approaches that will ultimately help you grow sales and profits for your site efficiently.

Being a Trend Follower Will Bring No Harm

It is always said to be the trend setter. But when it comes to your business, you can’t take too many risks in one go. Boosting your website’s traffic and bringing in more sales will help your organization build better profits. Except, you need to understand what others have done in order to achieve the same results. That’s why we have trends.

In case, you aren’t interested in what others have done, then listen to the marketing experts. Digital marketing, being a wider field, limits you in making a wise decision on which marketing strategy should you adopt to reach your customers effectively. But this is where experts come to your rescue. Listen to their advice. Hire a digital marketing agency in your city or consult them. Understand what trends will work in your favor and help you build a strong presence online.