Friday, May 4, 2018

The Seven Key Trends in Digital Marketing This 2018

Digital marketing, being a prominent marketing strategy, has grown a strong base across the globe. Organizations, when building a site to promote their brand, make sure to hire professionals who help them reach the target audience effectively. But the same isn’t true when it comes to newbies in market.

As they feel restricted in the budget department, chances are that hiring a professional may not be easy for them. So, what do they do? Do they simply give over the SEO factor on their website, when it can truly help them reach their target audience effectively? Or do they try it themselves?

Even if they do try it out themselves, they will need professional guidance. You can consult a digital marketing consultant or do a course from a digital marketing institute from your city.

Moreover, they need to stay updated with the latest trends in the digital marketing field as they keep on changing every year to make the user experience more delightful.

In case you are a part of this group and aren’t aware of the key digital marketing trends this 2018, then worry not. We’ve compiled the top 7 key trends list below to make your job simple.

The Seven Key Trends in Digital Marketing This 2018

1. Social Advertising is the New Face of Digital Marketing

There was a time when organic reach helped to reap good benefits for a website and helped it reach its target audience easily. While it still holds a relevance, but it does not garner the same and better results in comparison to social media advertising strategy. In fact, many would point out that this may take up a lot of their budget, but ultimately the one bringing in results will be social media platforms rather than organic reach in the coming time.

2. Boost Customer Experience With Video Marketing

To get visitors on site is not the only target that needs to be achieved today. Building a strong relation while they browse through your site is also essential for a business. And that’s only possible if you work towards boosting customer experience. According to digital marketing experts, 2017 was known to be the biggest year for video marketing.

But 2018, will probably exceed the already set standards as business owners plan to incorporate video marketing to boost every aspect of their customer experience. It is also predicted that by 2020, video marketing will account for 80% of traffic online. That’s why if your website lacks the impressive visuals, then it’s time you work on them now!

3. Let Your Blogs be The Storyteller

There was a time when complicated blog posts use to grab the audience attention and make them come back for more. But with time, that trend has changed. Today, people prefer to read something that not iterates facts, but also tells a story. Something that they can relate with, that depicts their pain points.

That’s also one of the reasons why bloggers believe in posting content that tells a story.

In fact, it is one of the most effective methods to boost customer engagement on the site.

4.    Change Customer Perspective With Chatbot Integration on Site

Once a customer reaches your website, you’ll be proactive to guide them through your website. That’s why you will make sure that the site is designed with them in mind. But

what if they still aren’t able to maneuver and fail to reach that specific product page that they wish to see?

With no active interaction, your customers are likely to leave your site and browse through other service provider’s website in search for their needed service. Question is how do you stop them from leaving your site? Worry not. With the incoming of chatbots on the site you can interact with your visitors, help them browse through your services and change their perspective from being unsure to ‘yes I’m interested’ about this product.

5. Be a Part of the Game-Changing Strategy

With almost everyone carrying their smartphones today, it’s become evident that which device they’ll use to search for a service. From purchasing clothes to groceries, all this happens in a matter of few clicks. This prompt service brings customers closer to the brands. In short, a game changing strategy for you is to focus on creating micro-moments with your customers by providing them instant yet reliable information. But this needs to happen regardless of the location or time barrier.

Your aim should be to provide a more personalized service which is time and location relevant to make the user experience more delightful.

6.     It’s The User Generated Content That Your Customers Will Stick to

It’s a proven fact now that needs no more backing that customers, before purchasing any product or service, review another person’s opinion rather than believing on an endorsement. Consumer opinions shape the mind-set of the prospective buyers, one of the reasons why many brands have gone online to boost their sales effectively. In case you haven’t added testimonials on the site or review threads, then start now!

7. The Growth Hacking Methods Are In

Whenever you feel confused on which approach you should opt for when promoting your site, always rely on the growth hacking methods. By adopting this approach, you’ll

be open to various experimentations for different marketing approaches that will ultimately help you grow sales and profits for your site efficiently.

Being a Trend Follower Will Bring No Harm

It is always said to be the trend setter. But when it comes to your business, you can’t take too many risks in one go. Boosting your website’s traffic and bringing in more sales will help your organization build better profits. Except, you need to understand what others have done in order to achieve the same results. That’s why we have trends.

In case, you aren’t interested in what others have done, then listen to the marketing experts. Digital marketing, being a wider field, limits you in making a wise decision on which marketing strategy should you adopt to reach your customers effectively. But this is where experts come to your rescue. Listen to their advice. Hire a digital marketing agency in your city or consult them. Understand what trends will work in your favor and help you build a strong presence online.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Learning and Development in Asia be a part of Change!

“Learning, learning and continuous learning, ladies and gentleman, is the key differentiator to become a successful organisation.” These words were very powerfully and animatedly stated by the Head of HR of a large Indian Conglomerate at an L&D conference, in Mumbai.

Almost all organisations talk about the importance of learning and development, however few do much about it. It is not because they do not believe in L&D activities; it is because the benefits of learning are difficult to measure. Rather it is very difficult to measure learning. Therefore, learning and development somehow hovers in the abstruse realm of management. The last to receive budgetary allocation and the first to experience austerity drive.

The economic landscape has drastically changed and is changing with an unprecedented speed. This is both an Indian and global phenomena. The core of this change is advancement in technology –especially computing technology. Massive pools of data can be processed in seconds and this ability of big data analytics is able to provide inferences in real time. This results in quick decision making as well as the need to execute quickly. Now marry this ability to compute quickly, correlate abstract data and provide meaningful, analysed data with learning and there you have birth of ‘true’ digital learning. Add to it the developing science of Artificial Learning and Machine learning - making digital learning effective, efficient and engaging.

Digital learning is there – from basic Learning Management Services (LMS’s) to high end assisted learning intelligence platforms, but the question is ability of the businesses to adapt to digital learning. Anything and everything on a digital device is not digital learning. With this definition, Computer based learning has been there is some form or other since 1970’s and it later avatar of eLearning since early 1990’s.

I would like to share some facts which came up with some interesting findings (based on 189 clients that we have worked with). Some of them are:

Up till 2012 – 80% of the core training was in-person and classroom lead. Where average classroom training averaged 56 training hours a year out of a classroom learning opportunity of 80 hours. Getting 8 hours of eLearning was a challenge, being limited to product and process knowledge or induction programs.

An average program (classroom) lasted for 2 days in 2012.

In 2017 – the average classroom came to one day. With consistent demand for classroom programs not exceeding 4 hours or half a day sessions. With eLearning consumption increasing up to 19 hours a year –from an average eLearning opportunity of 300+ hours (based on custom made and ready to use libraries)

The attention span has dropped considerably to less that 5 minutes and is reducing all the more. This is more due to the choices that a learner has and multiple sources for getting information affecting the ability to concentrate.

The workforce that is now comprising more of millennials, desire for more personalized input, on the go and self-paced learning opportunities. 89% of respondents in a survey conducted by SKILLDOM stated that they find the classroom training uninteresting and that they can better use their time learning the same thing through online medias.

100% of stakeholders were challenged and struggling to measure learning effectiveness and efficiency in 2012 and 100% of stakeholders are still challenged on the same issue in 2017. Nothing much will change in 2018 – until organisation start adapting to intelligent digital learning platforms.

In the same survey conducted by SKILLDOM, 79% of the learners wanted classroom sessions to be skill building sessions, where they could interact and do activities and exercises that helped them become dextrous or sensitive to a certain subject / competency. 74% of the respondents said that micro learning would be better as they can collate mentally concepts and probably apply them at work as and when needed. Both the business and the learner wanted to know – how much I have learnt in the end.

Now on analysing these points the major inferences are :

Classroom learning is important, but needs to be focussed on skill building…

Digital learning is the need of the hour to provide personalized, on the go, self paced and measured learning.

The advantage that digital learning platforms bring is immense. Think of a large bank or a pharma company or a multiband retail outlet that employ probably 1000’s of people. Reaching to every learner is a challenge and reaching in real time is all the more difficult, forget about providing learning opportunity consistently and regularly (I am sure given the current focus on monies, the logistic cost itself will be a major road block). A digital learning platform can provide all this at a cost that is significantly less than spend which the organization does on coffee per employee per month. Moreover, it is able to measure learning, as it is able to record minute transactions that correlate with learning. Learning content is sourced from the knowledge repository of the organization and curated content from internet that probably has millions of content pieces on the most common competencies that are associated with a role. Which means you can actually measure the learning that a learner is doing. Hence you know what is the ability and all that is left for the business or the learner’s immediate manager to do is bring in the ‘human touch’ to influence the ‘willingness” part.

With improving bandwidth, digital learning is possible and it is here to stay. Even in remotest part of the country, you will find not only the youth but people across a broad demographic spectrum happily hooked on to YouTube and Facebook. The only challenge is to engage with a digital learning platform that can be as interesting as Facebook or YouTube.

So when I hear the words “learning, learning and continuous learning” from the head of HR of an Indian conglomerate and I know it can happen. But to make it happen the core way of functioning and looking at the learning function has to dramatically alter. Adapting digital learning platforms that operate on new age technology is critical. Only when this learning change is initiated will business organisations of today start becoming successful.

About- Anirudh Gupta, Skilldom

In his current role, Anirudh oversees the Learning Strategy function at SKILLDOM and guides the development teams to provide the best-possible learning solutions to clients. As a Learning & Development/Organizational Development (L&D/OD) specialist with over 15 years of work experience, he ensures every learning need is addressed optimally. A graduate in English literature from the University of Delhi, Anirudh also holds a management degree from SIMSR, Mumbai. He has additional certifications to his credit in the areas of Organizational Development, Psychology, Instructional Design, Adult Learning Theories, HR Processes from premium institutions in the country and abroad. Further, Anirudh is formally certified professional in the application and interpretation of psychometric tools such as MBTI, 16PF, FIRO-B and TKI.

In his previous positions, Anirudh has led the L&D function for companies such as Wockhardt Limited, ICICI Prudential Life, MetLife India and Glenmark. As a seasoned trainer, he has also conducted various workshops for managerial skills development, leadership development, personality development, culture, diversity and conflict.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Nike Shoes - The Best for Sports and Athletics

While markets and online shopping websites are full of endless options when it comes to Sports shoes and running shoes, Nike still remains the brand of choice for many. There are numerous reasons and distinctive features which make Nike shoes a class apart from the other brands of Sports shoes. Nike makes many different models of shoes as different sports have different requirements from shoes. For casual wear purposes too, Nike offers a plethora of options in it’s Indian collection for both the genders and people belonging to all age brackets.

Nike has always been one of those brands which are committed to encouraging sports all across the globe. They encourage cutting-edge technology, breakthrough designing and functionality all in one for shoe lovers such as you. Nike Men’s shoes get extra marks for their ultra-comfortable fit, additional cushioning and solid grip. The Men’s collection features latest models and innovations such as Flyknit, Air and Zoom which have been curated keeping in mind the comfort and security, no matter what the sport.

In this article, let us try to get to know some of the common features of Nike Shoes:

– One of the most important property of a good pair of sports shoes is a good degree of flexibility. Nike shoes offer elusive flexibility.

– Nike shoes provide your foot with a great deal of support . This is chiefly because of presence of a design pattern known as the Herringbone pattern. Most of Nike shoes incorporate solid rubber in their structure leading to the comfort and support. These features reduce the odds of turning, twisting and even sprains.

– Nike shoes are light in weight and pretty durable. Use of foam wherever necessary, high quality artificial leather and meshwork on shoe upper make these shoes light in weight, durable and quick-dry. These features make every pair you buy from Nike durable.

Even if you are not into any kind of sport, you would find the basic models of these shoes really comfy for walks and jogging. You may like to buy a smart pair of Nike sneakers for your day to day workout. On the other hand, if you are actively involved in athletics or Sports, you would want specific models.For instance, the Basketball shoes offer a good deal of friction and grip for dribbling and to prevent the players from skidding.

The versalite options in terms of colours and styles are endless too. There are pairs for men, women and teenagers. These smart pairs can be paired up with your regular denims, shorts, bermudas, track pants or even Chinos. A pair of chic Nike shoes is sure to up your style quotient many times.

A lots of variety and options in footwear and a convenient user interface along with reliable return and exchange policies make online shopping websites like Myntra, the best online portal to purchase Nike shoes. So, buy your next pair of Nike shoes here and get set to flaunt your sporty look!

Saturday, December 23, 2017

First Real Life Escape Game in Gurgaon - Mystery Rooms

I recently visited Mystery rooms, Gurgaon branch with my colleagues and the experience was enthralling. This place is an absolute fun place for group of people who want to spend some quality time and ready for some adventure.

Mystery Rooms is a place for thrill seekers and adventures enthusiastic with a unique concept where this ‘Room Escape’ game grants you 60 minutes to solve few puzzles around the mission (Night in Bhangarh - The Mystery of a Cursed Fort), find hidden clue and ESCAPE! Mystery Rooms is a challenging race against the clock where the sole motive is to get yourself out of a mysterious room in time! Imagine being locked in a thrill space with your team and you have exact 60 minutes to use logic, solve puzzle, find hint, and prove the power of team work to pave your path to freedom.

Here are few of the pics from the venue!

Right now, there are 4 exciting games in the Rajouri Garden branch and another branch in Gurgaon with 2 challenging missions and a dedicated area for team building games. Mystery Rooms also has its center in Kolkata and recently launched one centre in the city beautiful, Chandigarh and Ludhiana. After this Mystery rooms is soon going to open their outlets in Chennai, Indore and Guwahati.

About Mystery Rooms:

Mystery Rooms, Delhi/ NCR's first live escape game, is the real life version of the popular online escape the room games where team of 2-8 people is locked inside a mysterious space for an hour with the sole motive to escape before time runs out. In this challenging race against the clock, the teams must use logic, solve puzzles, find hints, and prove the power of team work to escape from stimulating real life situations.

It started in September 2014 when its founders came together with an idea to start this unique concept in the capital. The whole idea was based on the desire to bring something refreshing in the monotonous city life and was an instant hit. With wonderful feedback and appreciating reviews everywhere, it soon became No.1 attraction on Tripadvisor.

How Mystery Rooms got started?

Mystery Rooms is started by 3 adventure enthusiast and gaming geeks who came together to give their expertise and experience to create a concept so unique.

Shikhir Bhutani, an IT professional heads the technological department and utilizes his skill to develop tech savy props which makes each and every game so unique.

Prateek Panjwani, is the mind behind the mysterious set up of various game rooms. An architect by profession, Prateek uses all his abilities to give each mission rooms a complementing decor and feel.

Sapna Bhutani, a marketing expert focuses on developing and improving games by analyzing the feedback, human psychology and utilizes her experience from all runs of life to bring forward real life gaming experiences.

You can book your escape room adventure right here.
Address: K3/106, Dakshin Marg, DLF Phase 2, Gurgaon, Haryana 122002 
Phone No -0124-4228639, 9999525047
Timings: 11am to 11pm (All 7 Days)
Nearest Metro Station: MG Road