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5 Best SEO Trends that will be impactful in 2019 with Detailed Implementation Steps

To stay on top, think about your SEO system ahead of time. An easy route to progress: become more acquainted with the forthcoming patterns and work out an activity plan for each.

This year, Google's shaken the world with its portable and speed-related endeavours. Thus, the greater part of one year from now's SEO endeavours are normal toward this path. Be that as it may, some "non-Google" distinct advantages will likewise impact how we manufacture our SEO crusades. How about we investigate these patterns and approaches to grasp them.

1. Versatile first ordering:

Basically, mobile-first indexing implies that Google utilizes the versatile rendition of your page for ordering and positioning. Since March 2018, Google's begun the way toward moving sites to the portable first file. It may happen that the Search Console has just told you about it.

Remember, mobile-first indexing does not signify "portable as it were." There's as yet a solitary file with both portable and work area variants. Notwithstanding, the entire "portable first" buzz implies that Google will utilize the versatile forms for positioning once the site is moved.

You get it, isn't that so? With your versatile adaptation being the essential one for positioning, there's no reason to dawdle with portable agreeableness.

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  • Activity plan:

Google's Trends Analyst John Mueller referenced: "On the off chance that you need to go responsive, better do it before the mobile-first indexing ". In this way, if your site hasn't moved yet, and you've been pondering exchanging, do it now. Also, Google emphatically suggests against m-dab and responsive for a similar page, as it befuddles crawlers.

To see how web crawler arachnids see your versatile pages, creep them with a portable bot. For instance, Website Auditor can do it for you:

Track your versatile pages' stacking speed. It's simple with Page Speed Insights.

Consistently check whether your pages convey flawless client experience. You can utilize Website Auditor and its versatile execution area for this undertaking. Also, make sure to get in touch with the best digital marketing company in Gurgaon.

2. Page speed:

Google's crazy about conveying the best UX and conveying it quickly. Work area page stacking time has been a positioning element for some time. In July, it got twin kin – portable page speeds turned into a positioning variable for versatile.

This essential change calls for understanding which measurements matter for Google as far as page speed assessment.

Truly, when broke down in Page Speed Insights, a site was assessed just based on specialized parameters. Presently, both for work area and portability, it's evaluated by two distinct measurements: Optimization and, another one, Speed.

The amusement changing part here is the manner by which the Speed score is created. The information for the measurements taken from the Chrome User Experience report, the genuine clients' execution database. It reflects how your site loads for every guest. It's clearly difficult to quantify how quick every guest's gadget stacks your site. Thus, the metric's difficult to get past nearby tests.

With respect to the Optimization score, you can absolutely control it by fixing every one of the issues keeping your site from stacking quickly.

Anyway, which metric has the most grounded impact on rankings? As indicated by the portable page speed analyze by SEO Power Suite, the relationship between's the page's Optimization score and its situation in SERPs is solid (0.97). What's more, there is no connection between's the page's position and its Speed score. At the end of the day, presently Google can rate your site as moderate, yet your rankings remain the equivalent.

In any case, Speed metric is something new, so it's unmistakable Google's trying it. With time, those relationships may change.

  • Activity plan: 

Optimization score is the thing that is essential now for rankings. Fortunately, site improvement and result following are absolutely in your grasp. Google's pleasantly given a helpful rundown of proposals. You may likewise allude to the significantly progressively itemized guide on improving the Optimization score. 

3. Brand as a positioning sign

Gary Illyes, Google Webmaster Trends Analyst, has expressed at Pubcon that Google utilizes online brand makes reference to in its hunt algo. There're two different ways it can utilize a brand as a positioning sign.

Above all else, through unlinked brand makes reference to, the internet searcher discovers that your image's an element. By further dissecting every one of the properties referencing it, Google shows signs of improvement image of your power in a specific field.

Second, every part's assessment and setting matters: notoriety, trust, promoting, objection understanding, and so forth. Through setting, Google figures out how to tell the great from the terrible. For instance, its Search Quality Guidelines express that notoriety matters for rankings. Thusly, the supposition around brand notices can influence the site's rankings.

  • Activity plan: 

Backlinks are as yet a solid positioning sign. Notwithstanding, building joins quickly is once in a while a white-cap business. Utilize the intensity of link less backlinks at that point. Notice your image name online at whatever point you have a characteristic chance.

Take into account your notoriety. Attempt to address the clients' agonies with your image. Connect with upbeat customers also. For that, track notices of your image on the web. Attempt the checking device Awario for finding such link less notices all over the Web.

Discover influencers prepared to discuss you (however who haven't understood it yet) or who are now discussing your image. Awario apparatus has everything to help you here also.

Take a gander at your rivals. By figuring out their techniques, you will take a gander at your very own SEO endeavours comprehensively, not single-distinctly. For that, take a gander at the contenders' image notices to perceive how they develop mindfulness. Or then again go for a profound investigation of your rivals' qualities and shortcomings. Also, get Google digital marketing certificates.


How about we wager you got irritated this spring when your inbox got loaded up with GDPR and Privacy Policy sends. What's this thing?

GDPR is the General Data Protection Regulation go in the European Union. It directs an exceptionally bothering issue – who claims the information made by clients' cooperation on the web. Starting now and into the foreseeable future, its clients who do, not enterprises which gather it. Thus, clients would now be able to demand to perceive what individual information the organization has about them and request its amendment or fare. On the off chance that an organization doesn't conform to the guidelines, it very well may be hit with extreme fines (€20 mln or 4% of the organization's yearly benefit).

This guideline influences EU organizations and clients. Notwithstanding, worldwide organizations ought to likewise consent to GDPR. Subsequently, Google's chosen to bring changes to its Analytics. Presently all close to home client information lapses following 26 months since it was gathered. Such information incorporates statistic and fondness information (prior kept interminably) and does exclude sessions and objective fruitions. Be that as it may, each site proprietor can change this information accumulation default period. Furthermore, it's currently conceivable to erase the information of individual clients upon their solicitation. 

  • Activity plan:

On the off chance that you have no European clients:

You can change to the "don't consequently lapse" choice in Google Analytics. Be careful that along these lines Google shakes off the client information assurance obligation on you. Also, these client information control endeavours can expand well outside the EU. Simply sit tight for it.

On the off chance that you have European clients or plan to:

Survey every one of the sources gathering client information on your site. Ensure you don't inadvertently send some private information to Google Analytics;

Update your Privacy approach record by GDPR necessities;

Modify your treat assent structure. It ought to have the accompanying substance: what data you gather, why you do it, where you store it, attest the information's ensured;

On the off chance that you use Google Tag Manager, initiate IP anonymization. Try not to stress, you will, in any case, have a general thought where your traffic originates from. It simply will be somewhat less exact. 

5. Amazon search

First of all, Amazon's not an all-inclusive web crawler. It's an algo like Google's, yet utilized for interior pursuit inside Amazon pages. What's the whine about at that point? Indeed, an ever-increasing number of individuals go directly to Amazon to do shopping. As per an investigation, 56% of purchasers visit Amazon first on the off chance that they have shopping as a top priority. 51% check with Amazon subsequent to discovering something somewhere else.

These figures reveal to us that Amazon's getting to be Google of web-based business. It implies that on the off chance that you sell something and you're not on Amazon, you are passing up every one of that 56 % of potential clients.

Consequently, in case you're a dealer of books, music, hardware, and so forth. Incorporate streamlining for Amazon into your SEO technique.

  • Activity plan: 

Run watchword inquires about. To be more industry-wise, use Amazon itself. Rank Tracker, for instance, has Amazon Autocomplete catchphrase look into the device:

Make thing's title and depiction proficient and easy to understand (+ keen utilization of catchphrases);

Give amazing pictures; Take into account "backend catchphrases" (or Meta labels, if in Google's terms). They tell Amazon algo that a particular thing focuses on a particular catchphrase on the site;

Track clients' surveys and address grievances.

Barely any patterns, however enormous changes. While everything portable is going far, regardless we need to watch out for Amazon and GDPR's results. This present rundown's as yet a forecast, we'll unquestionably have zillions of things to examine in 2019. What are your contemplations on an SEO scene for the following year?

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Why You Should Visit India if You’re Looking for Spirituality

India is the birthplace of yoga. For centuries, there has been spiritual development happening in India. There are many sacred places you can visit and temples everywhere. Hinduism is the base foundation of Buddhism. You can meditate here and even do your yoga teacher training. It is the source of many spiritual practices you may do at home. Many travelers come here specifically to go on a soul-searching journey.

1. Yoga Immersion in Rishikesh
Rishikesh is a special place for your spiritual pursuits because it is the birthplace of yoga. Many people flock here to meditate or take their yoga teacher training. You can do many different kinds of yoga retreats here or just spend time near the Ganges River in contemplation. There are hills on three sides of Rishikesh so there’s a sense that you’re nestled. A place of peace, there are many wonderful hikes you can take and healthy vegetarian food options. Haridwar is close by too so you can visit it while you’re here. This has a great deal of significance with Hindu pilgrims.

2. Visiting Holy Haridwar

Haridwar means the “Gateway to God.” It is considered to be a top place for holiness in India. It is one of the oldest cities too. The city sits at the foothills of the Himalayas which gives it a deeply spiritual feeling in that nature is so pristine. Many Hindu pilgrims come here to dip into the Ganges River which is believed to be holy water. Here, they wash out their sins. The water here is fresh and clean. The Mansa Devi Temple is here which is spectacular. In a city so old and holy, you can feel a special energy here and follow in the footsteps of many seeking out inner peace and compassion for others.

3. Bodhgaya for Buddhism
In India, you can also take part in a very important Buddhist place. It is the most important Buddhist pilgrimage on earth. This is where Lord Buddha found enlightenment under the Bodhi tree. They know exactly where he found enlightenment and it’s where the Mahabodhi Temple complex is. There are many monasteries in Bodhgaya in the state of Bihar. You can take many meditation and Buddhism courses or retreats. To get here, you can take the Mahaparinirvan Express Buddhist Train.

4. Hanging with Hippies in Goa 

Goa has long been a place where people go to live a simple life. If you find you cling on to material items, you might find this to be a wonderful place to let go of that. Living by the beach in a simple. As it has been a place for soul seekers for decades, there are many different yoga studios and meditation halls. At sunset, the beaches are alive with people drumming, singing, and dancing. There is a wonderful sense of love and community here that is world famous. You can do your yoga teacher training in Goa and spend a month here. Being seaside does something for your soul that will stay with you for a lifetime.

5. Going to an Ashram Anywhere

An ashram is a place of peace where you can meditate. You do devotional work and meditate often. You can opt for silence meditation too. Here are just some of the options:
  • Neem Karoli Baba Ashram. (Uttarakhand) 
  • Sri Aurobindo Ashram. (Pondicherry) 
  • Parmarth Niketan Ashram. (Rishikesh) 
  • Phool Chatti Ashram. (Rishikesh) 
  • Amritapuri Ashram. (Kerala) 
Many of the stays at an ashram are free as they are by donation. While they are simple, if you really want to know more about yourself and the spiritual teachings in India, immersing yourself in an ashram should be on your list.

6. Dharamsala

This is the home of the Dalai Lama and where many Tibetan Buddhists have made their home. There are many beautiful hikes you can take in the mountains. This city sits is under the tall mountain ranges of the Himalayas and you have access into the valleys through. There is the opportunity to do yoga teacher training in Dharamsala or just take daily classes. As it attracts people who are on their own spiritual journeys in life, there are many wonderful yoga and meditation classes. There is also an important Buddhist meditation facility here. You can visit the Dalai Lama’s personal monastery and grounds here which sits perched on top of a mountain peak. Your encounter with the raw and beautiful nature of the mountains here will bring you great peace and fulfillment.

Spirituality in India can be seen everywhere. You don’t have to look far to see people praying. There are also many spiritual festivals you can attend. The old traditions and rituals done on a daily basis will serve as a reminder and an inspiration for your own journey within. These are the top places in India to experience peace and serenity.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Bharat BillPay: Changing the Course of Digital Payments

After the huge success of BHIM-UPI National Payment Corporation of India has come up with yet another revolutionary payment interface - the Bharat BillPay.

Bharat BillPay is a one-stop bill payment ecosystem brought to order by the RBI and NPCI. One can use the internet banking portal, make payments through the website, take help from registered agents, visit their nearest authorized bank or use the Bharat BillPay enabled mobile payment apps such as Amazon Pay, Google Pay, PhonePe etc. all options are available. With Bharat BillPay, NPCI aims to intensify competition among aggregators and bring them all under a national platform.

Categories of billers registered with Bharat BillPay?
  • Electricity.
  • Gas
  • Water
  • Mobile and Landline Post-Paid connection bill
  • DTH
  • Broadband
As of now, the above-mentioned utility bills can be paid using the Bharat BillPay option. That said, categories may be expanded to include other types of repetitive payments like  insurance premium, mutual funds, school fees, EMI"s, municipal taxes etc. Hopefully, more billers will be added in the near future.
Why use Bharat BillPay?
Why Bharat BillPay? If you want an answer to this, imagine a guy living  far away from his parents in a different city. Now, if this guy has to ensure convenience and comfort for his old parents, the least he can do is pay their utility bills without making them stand in endless queues outside bill payment offices. But, how does he plan to do that?

This is where Bharat BillPay comes in! Making it easier to pay and manage all kinds of utility bills through one  stop destination - Bharat BillPay. Using it is very simple and you can manage your and your family's bills in one place without having to switch between different apps. Also, Bharat BillPay is not a separate app or website for bill payment. It is an option available on banking and non-banking apps and websites registered with BillPay.  

To sum up, Bharat BillPay makes it easier for you to:
  • Pay all kinds of utility bills without switching between different apps,
  • You don’t have to download a new app; it’s a payment option which would be available with your current banking or non-banking website and app such as PhonePe, Google Pay etc.
  • You can manage all bills and payment receipts at one place,
How to pay your bills using Bharat BillPay?
  • Choose your preferred payment channel. You can connect to Bharat BillPay banks or non-bank enabled channels such as the ones mentioned above. You can find the list here:
  • Proceeding further, click on Bharat BillPay/ BBPS/ Bill Pay/ Bill Payment Option
  • Choose or select the biller
  • Enter customer details (it can be you or anyone else who entrusted you to pay their bills)
  • Verify the details and click on 'Pay.
Once you do that, you'll instantly get your bill payment receipt. Note: Customers can also use BHIM-UPI app to pay their bills. The same is available for download on Google Play Store and iTune store. Also, using Bharat BillPay digitally is absolutely free. Though users might have to pay convenience charges if they avail the services of Bharat BillPay agents. The control and power to pay via Bharat BillPay enabled digital channels with zero cost is far superior than logging to different biller website/apps.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Best Street Foods to Check While on a Tour to Ahmedabad

You’re bound to achieve the unique taste of Gujarati cuisine once you try the items from five major regions. Although most are salty or contain a kiss of sugar, some of the Gujarati dishes prove to be very spicy.

Kulfi yields a smooth dairy sweetness that’s unique of Ahmedabad. You may refer to it as any traditional ice cream that you come across anywhere in India. Elaichi, Mango, Kesar-Pista, Rose, and Malai are flavours that convey the true essence of Ahmedabad. Matka Kulfi is a popular cooling treatment for those that are visiting this city.

It’s a cake that doesn’t contain any non-veg layer. The bottle gourd stuffing that it has can accommodate other veggies as well. You may even add supplements in the form of crushed peanuts. Look for the Gujarati Cake, and you’ll get the Handvo served in a platter. You may find it at roadside inns or add it while ordering food with online coupon codes.

Khaman Dhokla
Khaman Dhokla is good to bake with gram flour. This steamed item tastes quite spicy and feels fluffy and spongy. This veg snack is good for the health as it goes light on your tummy. It even tastes sugary. You may put some coriander chutney to make it tastier. A vast majority of food stalls in Ahmedabad will provide you with this delicacy.

Apart from Mumbaikers, all other Indians are in love with vada pav, the Indian Burgers. Amdavadis yields a slight variation as you serve the vada with a chilly in between. The mouth-watering delicacy comes with onion toppings, chutneys, and the patty composed of fried potato dipped in gram flour. Almost every street in Ahmedabad will make you crave for its mouth tangling taste.

The state of Gujarat has plenty of seafood on offer due to its extensive coastline. Primarily vegetarian, this state offers a long list of non-vegetarian food items that come from multiple communities. These items comprise of chicken and seafood in different forms. Also, they are cooked to meet the culinary desires of women belonging to such communities.

Ahmedabad has even another Gujju CanapĂ©s to add to its list of glories – Sev Khamani. It’s a traditional preparation of Khaman or Dhokla. Sev Khamani adds more to your delight by recreating that classic taste. You’ll feel a natural inclination towards this piquant, sweetened, and spicy gram lentils canapĂ©. It is a fast-track recipe meant for your morning breakfast. It’s not something that you can overlook after stepping into Ahmedabad.


The Thepla is composed of flour possessing a certain amount of sesame seeds or fenugreek leaves. At times, the processing of wheat flour gets better with bottle gourd. You’ll hear the chuckles when your loved ones have it with pickles and curd.

Surati Locho
Surati Locho is lateral steamed cuisine of Gujarat. It’s composed of Gram flour. You may sprinkle a topping of coriander, Sey lather, or flavoured chutney over its irregular portions.

Batata Poha
Your morning breakfast feels overwhelming when you enjoy a bowl of Batata Poha that’s composed of flattened rice. You may have it in its lemon flavour and add toppings in the form of pomegranate, sev, and onions. Manek Chowk is the favourite hotspot for tourists pursuing this mouth-watering cuisine.

Ragada Pattice
Ragda Pattice is a great fast food that combines Gujarati and Marathi Street food. It is a well-conceived alternative to another popular North Indian cuisine. You’ll find it along the busiest corners of Ahmedabad.


Khandvi is another Gujarati delicacy that fulfills your craving for a spicy snack. Composed of yoghurt and gram flour, it yields every firmly put yellowish bit worth the size of your bite. Handpicked as a starter by most Indians, it’s quite popular across most Indian states. It’s commonly known as Patuli or Suralichi Vadi in the state of Maharashtra.

Jalebi-fafda is a much popular sweet dish that is served during the occasion of Dussehra. It usually accompanies a few pieces of raw Papaya fries called Sambhariyo. Fafda appears flat and is made with besan and tastes namkeen, while Jalebi yields concentric circles rubbed with ghee and tastes sweet. It is a hugely sought-after dessert in Gujarat.

Methina Gota
The most traditional households in Gujarat tend to preserve this furtive treasure. An age-old recipe from Dakor, Methina Gota tastes unique and keeps you mesmerised throughout the Holi celebrations. Get some Khajuri Maliki Chutney and serve the Methi Balls hot and fried.

Dal Wadi
Moong dal is quite easily digestible. It’s both nourishing and delicious to have. You’re bound to catch up a healthy staple option in the sprouts of moong dal. They’re also a rich source of minerals and protein as they gain iron from vitamin C. They test pretty well when served with fried chillies, ring onions, and chutney.


Khakhras are a kind of crackers that are composed of oil, wheat flour or pad beans. You will love having them mostly during the mealtime. The crisp feel comes with the way Khakhras are baked and shaped with human hands. It is one snack that fits in with every occasion. You can have them anytime during the day.

At a time, when various delicacies are being shared across online streaming platforms, you may consider checking these cuisines for a change. Most of these cuisines can win over the hearts of your guests and loved ones alike. You’re bound to earn much admiration by serving these delicacies at the household parties.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Discover the Hidden Gem in Georgia

Exploring new places should be on the bucket list of every person. It is one of the things that bring us solace and knowledge at the same time. We can visit the different parts of the world and learn new things about their culture and life. People often stick to the places that have been visited over and over again. But they should try something new and different to bring a change in themselves. Georgia is one such country that is extremely beautiful but people often neglect it when it comes to tourism. So, here we will speak a little about the country and also about things to do in Georgia.

Why should people visit Georgia? 

Nature: People of the modern age should definitely increase their interaction with nature. Georgia is a place which is close to nature and so people should pay more heed to it.

People: The residents of Georgia are homely and they have a big heart. Whoever you interact with, they will always talk to you with a smile. So, Georgia will give you an insight on hospitality and culture.

Food: One of the main concerns of visiting the country is its food. In Georgia, you will get amazing foods at a cheap rate and the food items are quite unique. On top of that they make really good beer.

Beautiful Cities: Georgia has beautiful cities and town nestled into it. Be it the capital Tbilisi or the modern city of Batumi, you will never have enough. You will fall in love with the streets and the life present in them. 

Things to do in Georgia:

Explore Wine: One of the things that you should do in Georgia is an exploration of wine. It has been found that Georgian’s made wine even 8,000 years ago. So, it is practically the birthplace of wine. The locals ferment the wine in kvevris which are a type of clay vessel. Do not forget to sip on the red wine made from Saperavi grape.

Engage in Supra: As we said, you cannot take food out of Georgia. They have a unique food habit owing to the amalgamation of regions. Supra is the traditional Georgian feast. You will need to try it to get a taste of the people. Khachapuri is great bread filled with gooey cheese and Khinkhali dumplings are amazing as well.

Know the Religion: Georgians are very serious about their religion and they have followed it for a long time. So, to know more about them you should definitely visit the churches. Apart from the perspective of religion, they are great architectural heritage as well. One should include the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral of Mtskheta and the Bagrati Cathedral of Kutaisi in their list. They should also explore the church present in Kazbegi and the other churches that dot the cities and towns.

Go to Ushguli: When you are in Georgia you should definitely visit the highest village present in Europe. It is the Ushguli village that is located 2200m above the sea level. There is no proper road to visit the village, so one needs to travel by a horse. It sits by Mount Shkhara, the highest point of Georgia. The village is present in the Svaneti province which has many other villages nestled into it. You will love the scenic beauty present in Ushguli.

We hope that by now we have been able to convince you to visit Georgia for your next trip. Do not miss out on this beautiful country as it doesn’t cost much to tour it. You will find everything in this country worth remembering when you start your journey to Georgia.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Improving Access to Healthcare

Quality healthcare shouldn’t be a privilege of few but the fundamental right of all. Therefore, PNB Housing supports healthy living for growth and development of the individual, and of the country at large. Through their CSR intervention they aim to reach out to the socially and economically marginalised groups and help improve their access to healthcare through:

1. Providing Infrastructural Support to Government Hospitals
The Indian Constitution guarantees free healthcare to all citizens. Yet, majority of expenditure on healthcare is done out of pocket. This is due to-

  • Limited accessibility to Govt hospitals 
  • Low awareness of health, insurance and other such welfare schemes 
  • Poor or inadequate infrastructure and other healthcare facilities. 

To combat the same, PNB Housing has partnered with All India Institute for Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Delhi and King George’s Medical University (KGMU), Lucknow to improve infrastructure as these hospitals are accessed by people from all walks of life.

The HFC has donated 04 ventilators to the Neurosurgery Sciences Department, AIIMS and extended similar support to KGMU by donating 03 neonatal thermos and 01 transportable incubator to their Department of Pediatrics.

2. Improving Health and Hygiene of Adolescent Girls
India is currently experiencing a demographic dividend as a large portion of the population is under 60 years of age. Within this population, adolescent girls form a particularly vulnerable group as they are in need of awareness and support for their growth and development.

PNB Housing, with their NGO partner- Progress Alternative, have initiated a health and hygiene programme for adolescent girls in four villages of Uttar Pradesh to improve lives of nearly 200 girls through-

  • Reproductive and Child Health Training 
  • Community engagement and awareness generation 
  • Addressing issues of reproductive health, child marriage, family planning etc. 
  • Monthly visits by qualified medical professionals 
  • Provision of subsidized sanitary napkins. 

As conversations around reproductive health are considered a taboo in most areas, the girls are also provided with ‘safe spaces’ to facilitate these discussions. They are engaged in special courses for- sewing, beauticians, computer training, etc. so that they can be introduced to health issues and at the same time are able to learn new skills that they can later use to become independent and earn a living for themselves and their families. Eventually, this will help the country reap the benefits of the demographic dividend and improve the lives of the adolescent girls.

3. Supporting Cancer Patients and their Families- Helpline
The growing number of cancer patients in India is worrisome. A Planning Commission report estimates that about 2.8 million people have cancer at any point of time and half a million die of the disease each year. Lack of awareness and support adds to the distress of cancer patients and their loved ones.

In partnership with NGO - Can Support, the HFC has been supporting the operational cost of the first cancer patients’ helpline in Delhi.

The helpline-011.26711212 is a medium to reach out to those who have been suspected of or diagnosed with cancer, are in a state of shock and denial and in need of emotional support, guidance and medical care.

  • The helpline can be accessed by the patients, families and caregivers of the patients. 
  • The helpline handles over 500 calls a month to provide relevant information and counselling services. 

4. Supporting Cancer Patients and their Families-Pain and Palliative Care Clinic
Over the past 20 years, Can Support has also been working towards extending home based palliative care to patients residing in Delhi and the National Capital Region. Their efforts have helped improve the quality of life of patients and the families’ abilities to cope with the illness and death of their loved ones.

  • In partnership with Can Support, the HFC has started supporting a pain & palliative care Clinic for cancer patients & their families. 
  • The clinic is located in Shahdara, near the Delhi State Cancer Institute and Guru Tegh Bahadur hospitals. 

The aim is to enable more people to access the facilities and lead healthier lives by getting proper, timely treatment and care.

5. Promoting Mental Wellness
Mental wellness is crucial for overall well being of all. Poor mental health can become major risk factors for other diseases as well as injuries. With most developing and under-developed countries having abysmal mental care facilities, coupled with strong, irrational belief about mental health taboos, delivering proper care to needy becomes difficult.

To enable access to and improve delivery of mental health care systems, PNB Housing has supported and refurbished a rehabilitation and crisis intervention center run by the NGO- Sanjivini in Defence Colony, Delhi.