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Chromozome Extreme Sport Range Review

Sweating is good but stinking could be embarrassing. Therefore, Chromozome introduces its brand new collection of trendy, affordable and sweat-resistant active wear range, made just for you.

Nowadays, most of us have rigorous workout routines to shred those extra body hugging fat areas and to achieve a carved masculine body. However, what we do not know is that, a wrongly picked gym wear fabric could However, wearing the wrong kind of clothes lowers your own motivation. If clothes are too baggy or old fashioned, you do not even like to look at yourself in the mirrors in the gym. And if they are made from the wrong fabrics, they result in irresistible skin irritations and accumulation of unwanted bacteria caused from heavy sweating, thus making the entire fitness routine, unhygienic and disgusting.

Chromozome believes in high-end innovation ideas and delivery of excellent product quality to provide clothing satisfaction to its customers.

Fortunately, with the advent of new technologies in textile industry, we have designed premium-quality athletic clothing range that will encourage you to stick to your workout sessions without worrying.

You could now easily get away with body odor problems at gym and save yourself from awkward smelly situations.

All the Chromozome Extreme Sports clothes are made in Quick Dry technology, which keep you comfortable and dry even when the workout is intense.

The Extreme Sports range is made of 100% micro polyester that will help you keep cool and stink free for hours. Micro-polyester fiber clothes are new in the market and are best for gym-wear clothing range. The breathability property of the material makes them all-time favorite garments of confident athletes. Also, the light-weight fabric is very popular for its extraordinary moisture-wicking ability that helps in quick drying and keeps you odor free.
The wide range of collection consists of:
·         Evergreen crew neck tee
·         Edgy sleeveless round neck t-shirt
·         Comfy all the garments are made from Quick Dry technology. It is wrong to use this only for the shorts athletic shorts

The Crew Neck Tee:
The crew neck tee comes with reflective C logo imprints on the back and on the neck area. The logo glows in the dark and will give you a trendy and classy look for your next workout session. The tee fits snugly does not sag with sweat, nor does it show wet patches. It keeps you fresh since the moisture dries off as it reaches the tee helps you stay fresh for long. This tee is available at a very affordable price, Rs.499 onwards.

Sleeveless Round Neck:
For those who can carry it off, we also have a round neck muscle tee with no sleeves, that help you show off your arms while still remaining comfortable for a heavy workout. These tees also have a similar reflective logo on the back. These sleeveless tees are available at a very nominal cost, starting at Rs.449 onwards.

Both styles of tees are available in four color options for you to go for. Ranging from basic whites and blacks to cooler looking royal blue and navy blue color choices that will give you an aesthetic and modish impression. These are available in the below sizes:
·         Small
·         Medium
·         Large
·         Extra-large.

Comfy shorts:
Also, the new collection has not overlooked the demand for breathable and perspiration absorbing men’s bottom wears. Thus, we bring to you our sassy range of active shorts equipped with comfortable waistband and adjustable cord. These come along with the branding done on the right hand side zipper for clean and stylish appearance. The shorts are available in two colors, black and navy blue for you to pick.  These are available in below sizes:
·         Small
·         Medium,
·         Large,
·         Extra-large
·         Double XL sizes.

While performing moderate to heavy physical training sessions, our body breaks out in sweat heavily, thus makes the fabric wet and uncomfortable to wear. These garments could help you get rid of those unpleasant sweat patches that appear in the armpit or on the surface of your t-shirts and pants. Since these garments are made of micro poly fibers, they make them easy to stretch in all the direction and could naturally fit to any body type.

The garments are easy to wash and maintain. You can wash the clothes in warm water using mild detergents. Avoid using fabric softeners as they could clog the micro fiber pores and could result in stiffness of the material. To ensure that the fabric lasts long, always air-dry the clothes for material to breathe naturally. Rest no other heavy maintenance is needed.
The wait is over now!

Get rid of those sweaty and unhygienic clothes. Try out the new Chromozome Extreme Sport range and see the surprising results. Truly, fashion and functionality meet and we hope we remain your fitspiration with our new range, body will thank you for taking care of it and keeping it sweat and odor free.

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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Things to See & Do in Rishikesh & Haridwar in 48 hours

Hola amigos,

I am back with another travel itinerary from last month, where I have visited Rishikesh & Haridwar at the weekend with my friends. We met on weekend evenings and started brainstorming for places which we can cover in a weekend. So we had thought of Amritsar and 2nd place came to our mind is Rishikesh. It’s summer time for Delhiites, so we stick with Rishikesh considering all the adventure activities like River Rafting, Cliff jumping, Camping, Trekking and sightseeing. We all are so much thrilled for the Friday evening 8 PM.

Journey Started at 8 PM via Delhi Metro to ISBT Kashmiri Gate

We had booked Volvo Bus via PayTm a day before for 11PM direct from Delhi to Rishikesh. The bus ride was quite easy and convenient. We reached around 8 AM in the morning as there is some Road construction work going on at the Delhi-Haridwar highway (NH - 58). We had our breakfast in a restaurant in Rishikesh and booked our camp and rafting with the Outbound Adventure, there office is near to tapovan. You can book directly visiting their office or via online as well.

Rafting Starts at 2PM (Marine Drive to Ramjhula) around 25 Kms.

We (Abhinav, Prashant, Yogesh & Me) are thrilled for this adventure ride in the Ganges of Rishikesh. It all started with basic instructions and then our journey begins. Let’s start with the Rapids, known as the fast-flowing and turbulent sections of the river. Marine Drive to Ramjhula rafting is of intermediate difficulty level. However, the stretch covers around 15 rapids including major and minor ones. What makes it challenging is that the level 3 rapids come one after the other. 

However, once the difficult phase is over, there is a long stretch of less strenuous rafting. This gives the rafters ample time to relax and relish the picturesque backdrop. Complete Length of this stretch would be around 24 km and it will take around 3.5 hours. The Major rapids, which would fall in your journey are Black Money, Cross Fire, and Three Blind Mice. During the rafting journey we have also done Cliff jumping and take a small break at very famous Maggi Point.

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Reached the Camp at 6PM 
At around 6PM, reached our camp had snacks and played volleyball with fellow members of our camp. It was a delightful experience in Rishikesh, although I have been here several times. After that enjoyed Bonfire, played punjabi music and little bit dance and finally hectic Day 1 was over.

Day 2 Morning 7 AM 
Day Started with Breakfast and then local sightseeing of Ram Jhula & Lakshman Jhula, Triveni Ghat ( The ghat, right next to the Triveni point is considered as one of the holiest places in the Hindu mythology. The meeting point of Ganga, Yamuna and the invisible Saraswati, is known as the 'Triveni' point) and then we were back to Haridwar mere 40 Km distance from Rishikesh. 

Reached 12 PM in Haridwar

Har ki Pauri is one of my most favorite destinations, here I find inner peace. Har ki Pauri, which means Footsteps of the Lord, is the most sacred ghat in Haridwar. According to Hindu mythology, after the 'Amrit' or the ‘elixir of immortality’ was extracted, some drops of the Amrit fell on the Brahma Kund Ghat of Har ki Pauri. This turned the ghat into an eternal holy place. We had our spiritual bath in the holy Ganges and then visited the local Haridwar market in the evening. We had our Bus back to Delhi booked at 11 PM from Haridwar Bus stand. Reached to Faridabad next morning at 7 AM.

Thanks for reading!

Happy Travelling. Do share your rishikesh travel stories in the comments below.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

GiftsbyMeeta: One Stop Gifting Solution for Every Occasion and Every Place

A Greater Expertise in offering city specific gifts

A leading gifting website not just excels in offering impeccable and unique presents at affordable prices but exactly the people will residing in a particular city of or place. The artistic creativity which accommodates the very own cultural touch and flavor of a particular place or city and hence let the buyers feel that they are getting something what represent their place or something related to their memories.

In addition, the gifting accumulations designed from GiftsbyMeeta vary from one occasion to another occasion. The presents that you need on the Valentine’s Day will be absolutely different from what you need on the eve of Rakshabandhan. Furthermore, here GiftsbyMeeta distinguishes from other on the ground that the present that is available for Rakhi occasion for a particular city or place will be different from the assortment available for another place or city. The uniqueness not here but the one can explore the range of presents exclusively made for a particular place as well as for a particular recipient. For instance, the rakhi gift for brother to Bangalore would be different from that of a brother in Hyderabad. There is a difference in the food habits, culture, the way they decorate their homes that that is why two different gifting categories for two different cities.

Gifts to Bangalore
Fun that cannot end between brother and sister has all the reasons to celebrate their relationship. With Rakhi, come thousand ideas to make your sibling feel special. Gone are the days when brothers used to give money as there has been a major transformation in the understanding that they share. Send Rakhi gifts to Bangalore with lovely yet quirky ideas to make sure they have a good time. The happiness and fun that can get there in just one box is ready to be bought. This time GiftsbyMeeta has got variety of items to serve you with. The ideas are smashing and something cool that you can deliver to your brother and sisters in hostels, colleges, offices and their apartments. Celebrate Rakshabandhan with the best ideas that we have got and it would be amazing to see how happy they are.

Gifts to Hyderabad
Gifts for all occasion in Hyderabad will go with a touch of elegance wrapped in emotions. Birthday, wedding anniversary and festivals will see the massive gathering of presents categorized on the basis of recipients such as brother, sister, parents, relatives, so forth. Send gifts to Hyderabad with Gifts by Meeta and you would get variety of options to bring smile on the faces of each one of them. A whole page dedicated to gifts for dad, mom, sister, brother, friends, wife and husband with easy navigation will give you the comfort to buy gifts online and get it delivered in Hyderabad. Modern packaging and remarkable look of these items and a special range of personalized gifts are provided for each occasion to shine in royalty. Online store for gifts have been brought to give an amazing celebration for each festival and special day with these stylishly done items. Fill the space with charismatic aroma and vibrant colors by sending a present to your loved one wrapped in your love and affection.

Gifts to Pune
It’s ok if your siblings are all of different age and have different preferences and interest. This Rakhi you would not have to visit ten different shops to get the gifts for them. GiftsbyMeeta has got the varied products for all the age group. Relax and order online and choose from the varied items that we have selected for different age groups in latest fashion and appeal that would surely get them engaged. For Rakhi siblings really look forward to get the best gifts mostly that suit their likings and GiftsbyMeeta would definitely not disappoint them. Send online gifts to Pune irrespective of any occasion with some of these items that we have to showcase form the collection of items under varied categories. Some of these gifts can suit all the age groups whereas as others cater to the specific age groups. 

Super Amazing Delivery Services at Pan India Level

Gift giving has become lot more advanced with the items that have been lined up to be served for different occasions and locations. Wherever the customers buying they would get a revived gifting experience with people sharing their wishes with fancy and upgraded items away from the regular picks.

Updated cart of gifts gets the right colors and happening experience to each doors with GiftsbyMeeta’s super amazing delivery services at Pan India level. With personalized gifts section there is room for adding your creativity too. With new items on the rack and space to put your words and pictures you can send gifts to Pune from Bangalore. Get the fancy, cool, unique, elegant, classy, smart and tasteful deliveries for any of the celebrations that your family is planning. Get the items through easy navigation and sorted categories according to separate occasions and celebrations and you will be surprised to see so many items that have not clicked you yet.

At Flower n Cake Gallery, we make your shopping for mother’s day gifts quite overwhelming with our unique mother’s day gifting solutions. You can shop for father’s day beautiful flowers, roses, carnations, orchids n lilies basket, chocolate bouquet, and more. Our bespoke collection of 2017 father’s day gifts not only acts as an unparalleled token of love for your father. 

Find the easy way that you can make use of to keep the relationships alive with these lovely gifts. Best colors and designs have been displayed for the ideal deliveries to go in sync with the interest and taste of the customers. Get the desired items to make sure you celebrate the day with utmost perfection. All these items are available at reasonable prices and in bright colors to keep the quality in best of appeal and designs. Send handpicked gifts to any corner in India to live among the rich ethnicity that has been showcased in the collection.

Exclusive Range of Birthday and Rakhi Gifts
If one wishes to send birthday surprises to someone, they do not have to do it separately with searching a gift and then getting it wrapped in firm packaging and lastly rushing to a courier service to get it delivered. They just have to log onto gifts by meeta and scroll down to the page where they can find the apt gifts. You can send birthday gifts online with the easy deliveries that can go to any home on any street in the city. Options are plenty to choose from and are all in latest style, presentation, and experience. With all that adjustment one needs to do while getting accustomed to the new city, the gifting part for all the occasion has been taken care of so that you do not have to rush and find shops to get the apt items.

The important part is to sit and decided what day should one send the gifts in order to make it reach on time? A gift though is special but, loses the value it deserves if it reaches after the occasion has passed. What is the point of receiving a gift after the enthusiasm and excitement is over? So, it is crucial to choose the right gifting way. Now if the students or professionals are moving in from different parts they bring their culture along and do not want to miss out on the celebrations. Parents, friends and relatives try to connect with them with a box that gets the festival to their doors and reduces homesickness especially during the first few years of shifting. People have been seen preplanning of the gifts from months before to send it at the right time but, most of the time fail to get it delivered at that time. Gifts by Meeta has sorted this problem with surprises to reach on time. All you need to do is pick up a right gift according to the occasion.

Lumba Rakhi: - The Unique Gifting Solution for Rakhi Occasion
Most of us do not really understand the importance of Lumba until we hear the knock of sister-in-laws on our heart. Suddenly, our brothers have another important person in their lives and it starts the relationship with Bhabhi start with a love –hate. Now when it comes to expressing your love for your sister- in-law there has to be an initiation and this Lumba on Rakhi calls for that initiation. Along with the Rakhi gift that you decide for your brother each year, this time tag a Lumba along to welcome her in a hearty way to be a part of your family. That Lumba would come as a care and understanding and would start your relationship with her on a healthy note. Rakhi gifts delivery with the combo pack of Lumba and Rakhi would send the love both to Bhaiya and Bhabhi. Lumba is a different Rakhi that that dangles from the wrist. Buying of Lumba Rakhi would take the ravishing Rakhis to deliver the love that a Bhabhi would find helpful to adjust in the new home. This friendly gesture would come with the Lumba that gets delivered to her. With Lumba you could celebrate this new relationship with traditional colors and dazzling appearance that would get added to their wrist as a symbol of fresh love and cherished relationship.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Hand Spinner - Wheels That Keep on Spinning with

Hand spinning is the art of contorting fiber, fleece, or meandering of wool, silk, alpaca, angora, mohair, flax, and so forth into a persistent string by utilizing a spinning wheel or drop shaft. The string is spun thick or thin, utilized or un-handled, and can later be colored or left normal.

Hand Spinner-What is it?

Most of the hand spinner today utilize spinning wheels or drop shafts to make their yarn. Numerous spinners started taking in their specialty or craftsmanship by utilizing a drop shaft. Some like to keep utilizing their drop shaft, while others wanting to move into utilizing a spinning wheel. After much practice, both are extremely beneficial methods for spinning fiber into yarn.

Dissimilar to days of old where individuals spun as a methods garments them and paying their duties, today many individuals turn for unwinding. Spinning takes a lot of practice before the spinner ends up noticeably capable in the craft or art. After one has figured out how to turn, the demonstration of spinning winds up noticeably unwinding. The drawing and releasing of the fiber into the spinning wheel or on to a drop shaft makes a musicality which appears to advance a quieting impact on the individual spinning.

Hand spinning is also accomplished for benefit. There is much interest for hand spun yarn today as individuals who sew, knit and weave appreciate this sort of yarn for their tasks. The cost of hand spun is reliant upon whether the hand spun is finished by an assembling organization or by a person.