Monday, October 18, 2021

Reasons Why It is Important to Have Travel Insurance Post COVID-19

As per data from Aislelabs, as of May 4, 2020, airports worldwide witnessed an 80% decline in international flights. Among all the continents, Asian airports are the first to get affected by COVID-19. It is quite evident from the data that flight cancellations are not surprising anymore under present circumstances due to the impact of Covid-19. 


It is important to opt for a travel insurance plan to ensure your travel from flight delays and cancellations. Apart from this, a travel insurance cover has lots of benefits. 

But why do you need travel insurance? Here are the top 5 reasons. 

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5 Key Reasons to Have Travel Insurance Post-COVID-19  

1. To Fight Risks Against COVID-19 Infection

Although we see a decline in the count of infections, this virus might continue to stay with us in the near future. There will always be the risk of flight delays and cancellations and also to catch the deadly virus. During international travel, it is quite possible that social distancing will not be maintained in a full flight. So, it is better to opt for a travel insurance policy beforehand.

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2. The Lingering Risk of the Virus

Though many nations have witnessed high and low through this pandemic era, many still do not know if COVID-19 and its virus have completely dissolved. The infection that is still lingering around might evoke the symptoms during the time of travel. Despite the fact the virus rises through its lingering effect, this cannot stop you from enjoying your vacation. Here's why opting for a travel insurance post covid will help you fight over the virus by providing you adequate coverage when tested positive. 

3. Coverage on Flight Cancellation or Delays

Well, this is an unfortunate fate of the pandemic. Due to unavoidable circumstances, flights are getting cancelled every day randomly. So, if you plan to travel without travel insurance and your flight gets cancelled, the total amount will be paid by you. But if your travel is insured, the chances of monetary loss are substantially less. 

4. To Overcome Lock-Down blockages Outside India         

If you are travelling abroad, enjoying vacation, and your flight gets cancelled, you might get stuck in a different country. This is one of the most unfortunate situations that can happen with a traveller. In case one gets stuck, the monetary loss will be substantial. But if one opts for an insurance plan, it will cover all the costs due to this hindrance. 

5. Emergency Medical Evaluation

In these trying situations, you will never know when the need for medical evaluation arises. Be it COVID-19 or some accidental/medical emergencies, a travel insurance plan will cover it all. So, it is important to choose a proper insurance plan that will provide you with health benefits. 

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Conclusion: With all of this, additional accommodation by the insurers also provides for hotel accommodation to isolate or quarantine, when one is tested positive during travels. While most policies allow for an automatic extension of the policy period if a lockdown is imposed in destination regions, insurers provide additional lodging and boarding expenses on account of a companion being hospitalized as well. Some plans allow for continued treatment even after the policy expires.

In a nutshell, post-COVID-19 scenes have mellowed down. Knowing COVID-19 even if the vaccination drives are pacing up every day worldwide. Whether it is a flight delay or you get stuck abroad, opting for travel insurance is always a smart choice before travelling. 

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Abhay Season 2 Review: A Crime Thriller With Twisted Characters

A Glimpse Of Abhay Season 2

This series is about Abhay Pratap Singh played by Kunal Kemmu, who is a sharp investigating officer and has to save a girl from being harmed.

Speaking about the same Kunal Kemmu aka Abhay Pratap Singh stated, he trips the audience with his splendid and bold personality of being a police officer. 

Abhay Season 2 is more engaging bigger and full of suspense-filled in it. From its characters played by Kunal Khemu, Ram Kapoor, Chunky Pandey, Asha Negi, Nidhi Singh, Bidita Bag, Raghav Juval there is suspense and surprise at every step. A series of 8 streaming episodes of true events. The villain of the show is everything that you could have asked for and more. He knows how to push Abhay, and also tell his truth about the world. Between the pressure of savings the kids and protecting his past secrets, Abhay once again emerges incorruptible. This season thinks gets a little dark, much gorier and horrific with fictionalized crimes, showing the depths of humankind infested with sociopaths and psychopaths within the garbs of normal and accomplished personalities alike. 

Director: Ken Ghosh

Kunal Kemmu as investigator Abhay Pratap Singh is back and interesting crime stories are woven yet again to keep the thrill quotient going. The legend director Ken Ghosh has done some terrific work with the edits and graphics. The entire screenplay drives your attention and will make you glued to your seats.

Short Review

Now, Abhay has moved away from his child Sahil and can dedicate his whole mind and time to solving crimes. Earlier, he was somewhat restrained due to homely duties and a troubled past. The storyline does not give him a clean slate here but, first-off, it’s fresh to see Abhay focus whole-heartedly on helping people without having to worry about his personal life.

Directed by Ken Ghosh the show will premiere on ZEE5. The promos have already excited the viewers like me who are waiting in anticipation. 

If you enjoy watching crime stories that play with your mind with unlimited suspense, thrill and drama, then you just can’t miss this one.

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Abhay Season 2 Review: A Spine Thrilling Crime Series

Starring Kunal Kemmu, Ram Kapoor, Chunky Pandey, Bidita Bag, and Asha Negi, Abhay 2 brings up a crime thriller series that leaves you curious with every move. Definitely a binge-watch, #Abhay2onZEE5 turns darker and murkier as the criminal leaves no way for the officer to save the children. 

Plot of the Series

Yes! The criminal (prisoner) in the series is the famous daily-soap actor turned film actor Ram Kapoor who blackmails the investigating officer Abhay Pratap Singh (played by Kunal Kemmu). The plot gets interesting and engages the viewer deeper as challenges keep coming back to the officer in new forms. Abhay is one such officer in the series who has left behind his family and is able to devote his attention and time to solve the case as he moves forward on the #RoadToJustice. The investigative plot gets more attractive with the usage of high contrast images and deserted locations. 

Source: ZEE5

The shock value of the series has been woven into the script in such a way that it will not even warn you. So be prepared to bear the sudden shocks and yes, it’s not for the faint hearted!

When will the next Episodes of Abhay 2 be released?

The first three episodes of Abhay 2 on ZEE5 were premiered on the eve of Independence Day 2020. These three episodes have arisen the curiosity among the viewers as they binge-watch the clever criminal-minded actions of the hard-nosed Abhay Pratap Singh to save the children. The officer is pushed to his limits of his powers of deduction and endurance. 

Source: ZEE5

The next five episodes are curiously awaited by every viewer and might be released in mid-September as the Abhay 2 team started shooting the remaining episodes as soon as the lockdown was lifted. Although the dates are not confirmed, let us all keep our finger-crossed and wish for the early premier of the next five episodes!

How other portals have reviewed #AbhayOnZEE5?

The gut-churning crime series, Abhay 2 has been reviewed among the top thrillers with maximum rating of 4.5 out of 5.

Kunal Kemmu made his digital debut with Abhay season one on ZEE5 and is quite excited about the second part. He has worked tremendously to make this series a success and high ratings speak it all! In his fight for justice, Abhay was joined by Asha Negi (as a journalist) who was previously seen in Baarish, and Chunky Pandey who has been shown as a dual-faced criminal

Must-Watch Thrillers on ZEE5

Apart from this binge-watch psychological thriller, ZEE5 has some other mind-blowing thrillers available on the platter- Mafia and Hacked are among the top ones!

Saturday, July 18, 2020

‘MAFIA- Game For Life’ – A Psychological Thriller Series

MAFIA- as one hears the name of the web series, thoughts of a serial killer or an underworld don pop in the head. Since the series has hit the OTT platform, it is the talk of the town. The story of six ‘best friends’ starting from the college days to the dark days of their lives in an old guest house in Madhupur, Jharkhand will give you goosebumps. The star cast of the eight-episode series on ZEE5 includes Namit Das (recently seen in Sushmita Sen’s crime drama series, Aarya), Tanmay Dhanania, Isha M Saha, Anindita Bose, Aditya Bakshi, Madhurima Roy, and Ridhima Ghosh. Directed by Birsa Dasgupta, the series is worth-watching!

The story of MAFIA unfolds as Tanya decides to throw a bachelorette party that leads to the reunion of six friends after six years. The runion not just brought them together but also revived the haunted experience of everyone which they gave rise to six years back when they had visited this same guest house.

Image Credit :

As they start the celebration of their reunion, they play a social deduction game ‘MAFIA’ wherein, one is a policeman, one is a MAFIA, and others are villagers. MAFIA keeps killing the villagers till the policeman finds him. The plot of this web series is game-like that keeps the audience engaged. The game turns into a ‘game of life’ and everyone is deeply scared for their life as the real MAFIA is to be spotted else everyone would be dead and the same happens in the actual story as well.

No one knew that the psychological ‘MAFIA’ will come into their life as the real one! The unconscious murder in this psychological thriller would turn into a real one, one after another.

Namit Das is doubted since the beginning of his appearance for being the MAFIA but it was the past deed of these friends that came haunting them after six years.

Neha and Ananya are shown to depict the sisterhood in strong contrast to ‘bros-before-bros’. The story seems to blame the urban lifestyle of ‘drugs and sex’ as the root of all problems, however it seems to be to an extent.

Image Credit :

Murder of the house-help Biduhua and Ananya’s seething rage and unresolved anger opens the issues of caste dynamics which are still prevalent in the non-urban pockets of India. So how it all did started? Is someone taking revenge of Biduhua’s murder? Is anyone planning to scare them and ultimately rob them? Are they really paying for their crime but who is MAFIA? Does class has any relation with the story?

The gruesome psychological thriller and a murder mystery asks many questions to the viewers and seems open ended leaving users looking forward to the next season of the ZEE5 Original MAFIA.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

‘Unlock’- Horror of the Tech Era

Horror movies have always appealed to me, be it a Bollywood version of Hollywood. However, the Indian version of horror episodes ‘Fear Files’ has actually created a baseline for the terror in the Indian minds. But ‘Unlock: The Haunted App’ a new horror film has been launched on ZEE5 is all set to scare our spirits. Popular TV stars- Hina Khan and Kushal Tandan have been featured in this haunted movie.

Logo Of The Film

The spooky logo of ‘Unlock movie’ sends chills down the spine. It's dark and shady presentation presents the deadly scary version of a horror film. As the name suggests, the film brings the dark side of the social media web to the limelight which many people are unaware of.

Source: India Today

Cast Of The Film

Directed by Debatma Mandal, the film has a powerful star cast including the popular Television stars Hina Khan as Suhani (lead role); and Kushal Tandan as Amar. Both will be seen together for the first time on-screen. The film also features the former Miss India World 2015, Aditi Arya who will be essaying Ridhi along with Rishabh Sinha as Anubhav.

Image Source: ZEE5

Fresh & Unique Genre

The very unique first-of-its-kind genre of this one of the top horror movies in the Indian OTT industry has already brought it popularity, i.e. Suspense Tech Horror, an amazing fusion of the horror films with the omnipresent technology in the form of mobile phones, apps, and social media. This fresh and titillating genre is itself quite terrific putting everyone into the thoughts of exploration and what’s inside. This Urban Horror also aims to leave an aspirational impact on the minds of the audience.

Ingenious Storyline  

Set in the metropolitan city of Mumbai, the film will explore the shady side of the internet and social media that most people remain oblivious to. This scary movie will make the viewers question themselves, whether they are using the phone or is their phone using. The storyline is full of suspense, love, tension and terror.

Suhani stays with her flat-mate Riddhi and is afraid to lose the man of her dreams, Amar to her flat-mate. The fear of losing, we all know, is the greatest fear and can also push a human being to go beyond the limits to do the impossible. Suhani is trapped in this web of fear and is ready to do anything to keep Amar for herself. She installs a diabolic app off the deep web that grants one’s secret wishes. No wonder, the app is not an easy escape and is going to cost Suhani something more precious.

The Haunted App Turns Devil

The story of the app creates a psychological fear that builds up in the film as the app keeps giving out tasks to Suhani that keep turning more sinister in nature one after another. Every wish granted means another evil task to complete that is sure to transform you both physically and psychology. Things get pretty ugly and the question arises whether Suhani will succeed in her mission or she will be trapped in her own web of dark deeds. As you will watch the movie, you will realize that there is no turning back for Suhani!

You will binge-watch the film as the storyline, characters and the way it has been portrayed will capture your mind and your thinking capability for the time being. You will be so engrossed in the film that it will make you feel like a character. The audience is sure to get a blood rush while watching this horror flick. The horror prevailing in the film will tap into the primal instinct of your brain producing a powerful effect.

The costumes and production design will keep the fashion interest of the audience intact. The cast, genre and the storyline are keeping our hopes high to deliver an unsettling scary experience.

Stay Tuned to explore the Evil on your phones only on ZEE5!